Friday, November 30, 2012

Wootmas Winterlude gift shop

Hmmm sowwy, I stand corrected The Artisans Winterfest Chalet  after trying and hopelessly failing to find one  ONE hunt present at the North Pole, I returned to Raglan for a run down the slopes to burn off my frustration.  I'm terrible at finding the hunt prizes. Did any of you succeed?  Oh drat, I forget to get me the Free Winter boots AloToi told me about.  Dey for biggie, but I do go biggie at times.
I came in to warm up and WOW was I pleased to see some very nice winter wear and "stuff" inside.  I had seen the Tiny sleds and snow boards, dey are in here!  I got myself a new winter outfit(Edwardian Winter) from Etheria's (Danger Cat) shop  it consists of a fur coat, felt hat, leather boots and a lovely bow.  IF I ever take these skis off and walk around like a regular Tiny I'm going to wear my fur coat!
The wonderful Bunny hats you have all been seeing ar in here too, there is a one color version for 100L and one with a color changing hud for $200L Really well priced.
There is so much to pick from, come prepared to shop shop shop.  Oh nice, I see that there is a FREE Christmas Poncho outfit being offered in the shop from Alara Artis  look for it to the right of the window =^_^= very thoughtful pressie.
OMG Zayn arrived on the scene and for a moment everyone froze in a flash he was gone.  but not before I clicked and got him in his santa suit LOL  see Tiny santa in the corner, He fast bunnah that one!

Gots the critter - before he took off in an Ice Ball!  find out about the ice ball, click on the Ice Ball rezzer when at the top of Mount Waffle
Top of Mount Waffle  sorry if you are not a Tiny I don't know how you will fare
Zayn Till  Magistrate of Raglan Shire

PS, I met up with Boots Shamrock on the hills, he has some new Xmas furniture out just in time for the holidays,  Check it out. His shop is called Boots Dun it (wonder if he likes Brooks and Dun?) The Raglan Shire Wharf & Coastal Fort - Tiny fun :), Heron Shire

Here's looking at you as I speed past you on the hills... wicked laugh  -

North Pole Village & Santa's Village

North Pole Village & Santa's Workshop ~ Christmas ~ Winter,  This is the time of year that we are all looking for activities to do that will keep us busy and not freeze our tush off. When you land at this location you will find a free pair of really nice winter boots. for the biggie in you.  There is also a  Santa's Elves Hunt.  12 holiday presents are waiting to be found, there is also more information at the landing, just click the poster. There is a lot to see, allow time for the area to rezz.  Best experience is music OFF and sound ON
Sigh, guess I'll have to send Q back here to shopl and hunt - scuse me ask her, there is no sending with Q. those of you who know her, know her persnickity personality, Tiny but huge in blinkity blank (can't say in family format)  Oh these tiny elves are sooo cute.
Mmmm maybe not ask Q to come, she'll be munching on the reindeer food, those carrots do look good. OMG if her bunneh friends come,  that Karma will be riding the reindeer all over the plaza.  LOL I do admit the Tinies would liven up the mood.  The Elves might strike and run off with the more mischievous of the Tiny.  They are hard to resist.
Many of these items are for sale, if you haven't finished your decorating yet, come check it out.  I'm off to find Q is  must be still running the slopes on Waffle Mountain in Raglan.  Have to remember to ask her if the snow has come to the Tiny Outpost yet.    She took me skating there last year.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Waffle Mountain

I was so excited at learning to ski.  ski instructor Morton Wheels is the best.
He had me going down the hills in style in no time.  The skis are out of this world.  I'm simply taken with this new sport.   Some added information.

The mountain we are skiing on is Mount Waffle, at the top of the mountain is a small gathering area with a fire  that is most welcoming with the bit of nip that is in the air.

MayCreations is the main shop for the wonderful hair and outfits, but I see this morning that the shop in Raglan is called Wild Bunneh's Gear  it is to the right of the path that takes you to other shops.    To the right of the path is Delight.

Mish Mish is the shop on the 2nd level . (Toys and clothes) over Wild Bunneh's Gear  The lift to the second level is just to the left and in front of Delight. Q's Kangaroo Fashion is the first shop on the right when you get off the elevator. 

Misa's shop.  Misa was one of the first designers to give us wild and wonderful hair.  Misa has delightful knit hats and bags,  Perfect for this time of year.  

LOL in fact we saw Bonita (Jewelry designer for Tinies) on the slops last night in one of Q's dresses, she had accessorized it with a hat and scarf, she looked warm and cozy.  Happily I even got to say hello to Shadow Marlin on the slopes.  It really is a gathering placre.  A place to get our social fix and for me it was a roaring good time, I just love going up and down that hill.  Dexterity.

I saw in the back of Misa's shop (Delight) that there is Blog Flickr SL group for shoppers and shopkeeperd to stay in touch, a group you might want to join. there are also textures there for you texture hounds.

Ok one more run down the slope for me. Have a good day everyone!

For the daring, this run is the JackRabbits Peril
link to shops at Tiny Outpost and Raglan are on the right.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Start of Wootmas

Raglan has had an early start to the Wootmas festivities (Month of December) there actually has been alot of acitivity of late, in both communities.  One of our staff was following up on a lead of activity at Kangaroo Fashion late last night, and saw that the Hippo shop had someone working in the backroom there well after closing time.  It is rumoured that there is going to be a special event during the early part of December.  The event is being organized by two Tinies.  It was like a covert operation LOL
lots of fun.  Who was this moving with great stealth in the shadows behind Kangaroo Fashion?  Guess we will have to wait to find out.
Today in Raglan we enjoyed the happy frolicking of the crowd on the slops.
Here are some of the pictures we got.. there will be more on flickr, link on the right of this page.
The skier is the very talented designer and owner of MayCreations mainstore (good selection of hair)  visited her shop today (in Raglan) actually to get a warm outfit for doing the slops myself.
There was a lot of activity there this afternoon.  this delightful fun goer looked very stylish (Lucky Manomiko)
There are lots of shops to browse, and shop, in both Raglan and Tiny Outpost.
Morton Wheels was on there this afternoon, everyone was having such a blast, that I'm determined to find some skies and give it a go.  See you on
the slops.
Raglan shire - top of the mountain overlooking skating rink
I is off to find skies
cC ski set for Tiny  $250L
Kangaroo Fashion Main Shop -Tiny Outpost
The Hippo Shop is across the square from Kangaroo Fashion (Tiny Outpost)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holidays are coming

With a cold nip to the air, and the first gusts of snow, we took ourselves to the Christmas Cards gifts & decorations @ Snuggles, Snuggles Christmas for the photo shoot on one of the Wootmas dresses for this season.  
A lot to take in, prices were very reasonable too.  I'd say it was mostly geared for the "biggie" market, but you can see from the pictures that we fit right in. =^_^=  We was very cute.  Q's hair piece is a hit, so it has been matched up with this dress to give that festive look that so important during the celebrations.
The dress is a bold Mexican print, gives a quilted look to the fabric.
Look for it in the Kangaroo shops this week-end.
Kangaroo Fashions - Tiny Outpost
Kangaroo Fashions -Boutique in Raglan

It is just a matter of time, Raglan and Tiny Outpost will be decked out for the winter fun that comes with December,  Raglan will have a huge mountain for winter sports, a rink for skating, don't miss the fun.  Be ready.  The merchants in both Tiny Outpost and Raglan have been working hard getting their holiday inventory ready for the shelves.
You saw from the recent fashion show that there is a ton of talent in the Tiny communities.  I myself just made a discovery of a Tiny designer, who has rocked my socks (grrr stay away from my sock ferret! )  Come on, get in here, look around, so much new and wonderful is happening.  Our favourites are here but so are many many new faces.. and what a talent they have.

Candy canes, mistletoe, Xmas trees, ornaments, snowflakes, Zayn will be looking for ornaments again for "THE" tree, watch for his notice, Karma will be Santa's helper again this year for Sekret Santa exchange.  YOU haven't done Xmas till you've done it with the Tiny Community.  Do you love to sing, Tiny
carolers are renowned for the smiles they bring where ever and when ever  they perform.

The limo's provided will take you to Q's shops, from there you can visit and explore the communities. When in Raglan, check out Wynx Works for a Tiny avatar if you haven't got one yet. Or maybe this is the year, you will step outside the box and try a new one.=^_^=   Last but not least, remember to support Jazz Paws, a project near and dear to all Tiny hearts.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New to SL - need information?

Over the years I've been asked by new visitors to SL how they can find clothes for work, or parties that are more "realistic" for a more mature adult meeting with friends.  Or hair that will look good on me and is not so flamboyant?  There is a large population in SL that come into SL to work, to meet with colleagues and attend conferences.  Where and how do they find clothing and accessories suitable for a business/healthcare/corporate environment?

Back a few years, it was easy, we'd send them to Ivalde for clothes,and Enkythings for shoes.  Now, its a different story.  There are a lot of very talented designers out there, each putting out fabulous to out of this world designs, but to find day to day wear for a work environment, not so easy to find.  I would appreciate a note card giving me names of designers you may know that specialize or have an office wear department in their inventory.

Skins and Make-up... gets confusing  ..Question.. if i have a skin I like how can I keep it and dress up without changing who I am?  Answer, then see if the designer you like does makeups for his/her skins.  If not find a designer such as FacePaint, that only does makeups.  This way, you get to keep your identity and have a makeup for the various functions you want to attend.

Some of the better skin designers will have a basic skin with minimal makeup for most of their lines.(a prolific designer isn't always the best, look for quality, its your face)  What they  hope of course is that you will want to purchase their complete line of the "look" you like.  This works if you are a shopper or shape changer and are constantly looking for a new look.  But I know that there are many of you out there that simply want your face and hair so that you can get on with the business of life in SL.  

With mesh and sculpties I myself have found that designers are putting out clothes that not only do not fit our bodies properly because one of the other is not their specialty the fit and look are often cumbersome and not refined. The wise shopper will shop around and always try the demo if one is provided.  We the consumer have spent hours in some cases perfecting the look we want, the last thing we want is to buy an outfit we like and have to wear someone else's body to look good in the outfit.
I personally want clothes that fit me properly and have the style and fashion savy to look good and make me feel wonderful.  I want to know that when I attend a meeting or function, I am well tailored.  seams are straight, and the pieces flow on my body as they should.  My hair looks natural, and doesn't give me a made of wood look.  From your notecards, and comments you want the same.  A bargain isn't a bargain if you find out that the dress is lovely, but the shoes that came with it are mickey mouse, and the hair and jewelry look like they came from a grab bag.  Buyer be aware!
Our model today is wearing a dress from R.icielli - mesh Valentines Gorgeous mini dress with sequins.  This dress when you look at the back of it, even has the zipper sewn in. The dress came in various sizes, our model is wearing a medium.  Hair  is Felicity by CIC (Calico Ingmann Creations)

Shot on location Rodeo Grounds at Aero Pines park and Recreation pictures on flickr

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Enchanted Frost Hunt

Another MadPea presentation." A sorcerer, dark in spirit and craft, happened upon the Princess Enid in the forest one day... So besotted was he by her beauty and compassion he sought to keep her by his side always.  More info at "The Enchanted Frost Hunt & Virtual Medical Doctor by MadPea,
When you arrive, you need to find your way through the maze of hedge =^^=
It is a magical world, the snow is white, crisp and invigorating. You can imagine the crunch under foot as you make your way across the field towards the ice encrusted garden in a dome.
Here you see the lovely Long Dash Studio model enjoying a small mini break against an ice sculpture.
You will have a lot of fun getting through the maze, while there enjoy all the interesting little side adventures they have laid out for you.

Outfit is Glitterati by Sapphire - her 4500 member's gown I loved the neck piece that she used, it brought such a sophisticated look to the always elegant black 

Jewelry, earrings and bracelet are from Aurora Borealis

Hair is from Secrets - Sassy - in Caramel, I really liked the way the designer shaded the hair, for mesh it at least looks real

Shoes are this fab pair of heels black and a pumpkin coloured heel.  Boss!
Shoes are from Lindy a shop that has great vintage shoes as well as modern.

Our model is wearing Dulce Secrets ( Brynn Riesling Wild Thicket) and wasn't that happy to cover it up somewhat with makeup, however, it was a lovely mix
Face Paint's Night life Pumpkin

Model is Hallie  (Amacci Shape)      Eyes -Dusky Hazel -Mayfly (Deep Sky)

If you glimpse the bracelet on the right arm it is Templar Cross (Chop Zuey)

Happy Hunting
check flickr for more pictures

Friday, November 16, 2012

Coming Soon - Gossip- ?

News from the ever trotting reporter Ms Palimo  Gallop of the "Horse" set, is that in visiting the Tiny Outpost the other day, she heard that Kangaroo Fashion was adding another department to the shop.

Of course she is clear to state that she was not eavesdropping but merely in the right place at the right time.

Chaffro Schoonmaker had just announced that there would be advertising in the next edition of the Shire Times and Q was discussing the cost of advertising for the boutique in the Raglan Trees district. 

Prices are going to be VERY reasonable a single page will go as low as $25L

Your shop that you advertise must be  in the Raglan cluster, and your advert should be for that shop.  This will work out just fine for Kangaroo Fashion Boutique, we are told that Q is working on an advertisement as we speak.  It seems that Kangaroo Fashions (in both locations) will be adding a millinery line and accessories to the current inventory.  What better way to get the word out there, but to use the Shires Times.

FYI - all adverts must be submitted to Chaffro prior to Janaury 2. 2013.  Please include your payment with your submission.  If you did not get a note card with this information, please check the Raglan group, or ask for one.

-submitted to Long Dash Studio by reporter Palimo Gallop Nov.16.2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Harvest Moon

Have you ever been haunted by a song.  You hear the melody over and over, find yourself humming it, but don't know why.  It was over a week ago, in a store the song came over the airwaves, it obviously rang a bell for many other shoppers, we were all swaying and singing along.... finally I found it so that I could play it again to see why it was such a familiar song.  What would we do without Google.

The recording inspired this look.
I think part of the melancholy is that my love of fashion was inspired by the greats, the divas of a yesteryear it is not always easy to find these days.

Fashion, haute couture and Diva's were not just about the clothes, but about the story and the aura and mystic that the wearer brought to the clothes.
Just like there are a lot of good musicians out there, some are very technical, and make wonderful teachers.  Then there is the artist that takes the instrument and makes it his/her own, developing a style that you may or may not like, but you cannot deny it.  It vibrates and calls to something inside of you...    Listen when it does... ^^

Hair- Vanity Hair - Hlin Feux
Earrings - Fulo - Juliana
Shoes- Enkythings
Outfit - Mariella by Danielle
Skin/makeup - Amacci  Liane 
few more pictures on Flickr.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Art in Motion

Sometimes we see something we just have to share.
This I found while working on Pinterest, the time, the work, the attention to detail was a WOW factor.  And if you enjoy dance, you will appreciate the work these dancer had to put in to maintain the flow of what they were doing.
It had to be done in stages, I had to share.

If you are on Pinterest check my board for the link... better still, I just clicked on the picture and it takes you to the originator's board.  Enjoy

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time to go skating

That is one activity I loved, loved, loved.  Roller Skating, especially in California, along the beach in Venice.  don't know if that is still done, but it was a favourite pastime in years gone by.  Q went in search of snow for the photo shoot for the new outfit, Ice heaven (Kangaroo Fashion)
Skate & Date - Ice Skating, Skiing, Snowmobile, Romance,

Obviously it is aimed at the "biggie" world, but co-owner Shelly Belly is sometimes Tiny, so there are a few seating options there if you wants to go chill.  Most of us have our own Tiny skates, we have Tiny merchants in both Raglan and Tiny Outpost ... check it out, there is a roller skating rink there too.
Dress & hat will be on sale for the next few days @
 Kangaroo Fashion - main store 
 Kangaroo Fashion - Boutique
a few more pictures will be on flickr - link on right

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New gal on Campus

We visited Ball State University Campus with a young model with hopes of going back to school next term.  We were going to search out the trends and styles on campus, but got there too early.  We landed in the wee hours SL time.  
Model is wearing a combination outfit, sweater and shoes are from Sexy Bish
from the Royal Bish outfit, the undergarment and the skirt are Graffitiwear - Goldenrod sleeveless sweater dress
Hair -  .::S::. Martina (Secrets Hair)
Earrings - Eluzion - Elanna
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky - red honey
The model is from Style by Kira- av  Julia - skin Olivia Harverst Exclusive
Fall is in the air, I read recently that  some viewers found that all women in SL look alike, I think the word used was "clone". That is so untrue.  We do strive to show you the latest skins and avatars by the various designers, but each and every user out there, develops his/her own "look/style"   That is the reason, this writer, uses different shapes with the skins. And at times will show you a skin with someone else's makeup..
This too is Olivia- and really the two looks are very different.  Both models in this instance are from -Style by Kira - Most designers will have a look that defines their style.  shop around, find the designers that "speak" to your lifestyle and show the YOU, you want to display.

Long Dash Studio will continue to be a "free agent".. we want to bring you
the many facets and faces of Second Life.  We will travel and explore the various communities and bring them to your screen.  Watch for the Diva near you....coming soon =^_^=

Monday, November 5, 2012

Kangaroo Fashion presents - Outer Space

Q took off on an other adventure, this time she visited Haven of Mermaids, for the outing, she used a lovely stained glass texture on a sateen fabric that is designed to endure activity in and out of water.  Hair is from Mau and Meu, we are sorry but due to the length of time it was in her inventory, we were unable to find the link.  The dress will be available in a few days.
There are a few more dresses being done, they will be in the Gatcha machine (15L)  in the back corner, or on sale in the regular vendors at full price. 125L
Have you seen the new dresses in the other two Gatcha machines?
There will be a lot of this and that being added in the shop between now and
the HoHoHo season.

Watch for the Hippo at the Raglan Fashion Show...she has been working her little fingers to the bone now for days on end.. can't wait to see her new releases.
Also if you've not discovered her shop yet, Bonita has opened her Bonita Tiny Jewelry shop 2 Tiny Outpost.  You got something special you wants... knock on her door ... she is a bling Hippo jewelry designer to the Tiny Divas and Fashionistas  

Kangaroo Fashion - Main Store -Tiny Outpost

Kangaroo Fashion - Boutique - Raglan

Saturday, November 3, 2012

We dare you....

Here it is the MadPea Carneval,, what a hoot.  Tiny world you will have a great time ...
Here Q is stuck on a racetrack,  that really, what was she thinking.  She is not Blood,or that persnickity ferret who will go un-named but knows who he is..But then he would likely trip on his sock.  stuck in the deep underground,calling for Awen like a baby.  Meanwhile hot lava rock is pouring down to where she is.

Whew she made it out.  The threat of searing her new dress was the motivation.  btw.  Her new dress will be out in the shop sometime this week-end.  
That is if you can find her and show her how to get out of the sink hole she fell in.  MadPea Carneval  How many brave souls out there will take the dare!
Big person or TINY the attraction seems to work for both, except when she tried to hang herself.. LOL silly Roo I unfortunately didn't get a picture, thought you didn't need to see her big Roo rump.
Kangaroo Fashion boutique - RAGLAN
Kangaroo Fashion Main Store -TINY OUTPOST
Q is modeling the Wynx purple Kangaroo, Wynx avatars can be purchased in both Raglan and at the Tiny Outpost. WynxWorks

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Naughty & Nice

Style by Kira has given us another winner. Olivia skin Harvest Exclusive 02 v1
can be found at the Harvest Cart sale and Hunt on Flawless.  I paired it with Style by Kira shape Serenity.  The eyes are Mayfly - liquid light eyes, desert dawn shadow w3.  Hair is a release by Vanity Hair that I had to have, its called Freedom.  A new release, it is easy to find when you land at the Vanity Hair, main store.  I like that it can be streaked.
This fabulous skin is available now Flawless Harvest Cart Sale and Hunt in a number of different makeups.  Don't cheat yourself, get on down and look around before the sale is over.  There are free ones in the hunt as well.
Vanity Hair
While on Flawless, stop in and check out the new venue at the Designer Showcase