Saturday, October 20, 2012

Raglan where the Tinies Play

Raglan Shire - Where the Tinies play :  Raglan Shire is a place near and dear to my heart.
October has to be one of the most fun months in the Shire.  Actually all year there are events, but for me October is the month I find the most colourful and festive. Hmm no maybe its the celebrations around the holidays in December.  There is always something going on,  right now there is new art being featured in the Raglan Tree Gallery.  If you are not already a Tiny and want to explore the world as a Tiny, then you head to WynxWorks and Abranimations for Tinys  (two shops on the same Tree) for your choice of an amazing selection of Tiny Wynx avatars.   Abranimations is all about animations, they are well known for adult animations, dance animations, and numero uno in the Tiny world.
There is shopping on ground level and in the tree tops.  The whole sim is well laid out with billboards and directions everywhere.  We were here to visit Qyhat Harbour's Kanagaroo Fashion shop.  Her main shop is located at Tiny Outpost, but today's adventure was in Raglan Shire where  she has a small boutique in the tree where the Raglan Tree Gallery is located.
You can actually shop from Tree to Tree following the wooden foot path that winds its way over the Shire. Q (Qyhat) is the first to tell you that there are so many wonderful designers and builders in the Tiny world that you will be amazed at what you will find.
Each designer has his/her own style, if you can't find it in the Shire, its not out there.
If you can't see it ask.  Everyone is friendly.
Find the Jazz Paws kiosk and read all about the Tiny Dream, or visit the web page and
read all about it. http://www, .. want to talk to the top Bunnah, Zayn Till, he's usually around, and always willing to talk about Jazz Paws, errrrr that is if he isn't already up to cute furry neck in "stuff" - but he will make time for you, send him a note card... he is one popular bunnah.
Look for these signs, Q is going to check out the haunted house, she does this every year, never ceases to amaze and tickle the funny bone.  The haunted bog you wants to visit at night..omg she has be talking like her.giggle, it is fun, come and join in, big or small, you  will  be enthralled.
There will be more pictures on Flickr (Q's latest addition to the Kanagaroo Fashion collection - Shocktober Forest, at sale price while on the floor of the shop, once in the vendor it returns to full price, go get it!!!)
Will fit most Wynx Tiny Avatars....Kangaroo Fashions -Raglan Shire Tree Tops
TAXI TO  Raglan Shire Welcome Center

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