Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New @ Kangaroo Fashion

Qyhat Harbour partner in Land Dash Studio, has a shop in Tiny Outpost  (her main shop) with a boutique in Raglan.   Together we run a second blog for the customers and  Tiny community   http://Tiny   
KANGAROO SHOP @ Tiny Outpost
We thought we would share with you some of the pictures from this mornings adventure Haunted Fruit Islands!!, Fig - Moderate  after all, Tiny not only ones who love the thrill of adventure.
Have a little fun, step outside the box, visit this fun island, there is a lot to see, Just watch not to step on any of the Tiny that could be visiting while you are there...hahahahaha we is small, but we is mighty... That is Q you see checking everything out.
To Tiny this is shocktober month... be watchful - some are ankle biters.         for Kangaroo Fahsion news

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