Saturday, October 13, 2012

NEFARIOUS -night mistress

Nefarious rides at night.  Be aware that her energy is strong and vibrant during the October moon.
My thanks to the following designers who made this fantasy come true.

Skin- Mystic Canvass - GFW Talisa  A cup

Outfit - PurpleMoon -Sacrifice in Black  - love the claws and the fantastic attention to detail in the dress..

Eyes - Erika Doll vampire   -Stars -skulls,candles,skeletal hands WOW

Hair -Vanity Hair - couldn't have done this the way I wanted without Tabata's help.. she nailed it with this hair.. the horns are part of the PM outfit =^_^=

Jewelry - Bonita's Jewelry - Web diamond necklace and earrings

Shoes - Enkythings - Khan

visit Flickr for more pictures on this presentation.

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