Friday, October 5, 2012

Mystic Canvass @ SYSP

Yes we are still at the SYS Project, (Structure your Skin Project) where else does a shape changer and skin junkie go on her days off. Today we are looking at Mystic Canvass - Yvonne - now here is a lady with ATTITUDE!
MC has many skins to offer, this is one that I couldn't resist for myself.  I had just the outfit to wear it with.  Java's Stepping easy.  Java has given us the necklace and bracelet to wear with the dress.  The makeup on Yvonne is stand alone, I didn't feel earrings were needed.  The skin is dramatic in itself.

Structure Your Skin - Project: OCTOBER, don't deny yourself, a lot of work goes into putting this project together.  Reap the bounty.

JAVA Fashion Designs  fair warning, Java Designs is a very tempting shop, lots to see and very well priced.  Allow yourself time to browse.

See pictures on Flickr - link on right
Shape - Al Vulo emy
AO is always VISTA
Shoes - Enkythings Dangsan
Hair - Twisted Spring Hair (Bad JuJu) (designer - JuJu NeximusI give you her name because I don't know if she is still doing hair

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