Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hallows Eve

Flawless Harvest Cart Sale is still on, have you been yet?  Bubble Design has won my heart with this avante garde futuristic outfit.The outfit is simply called Masquerade there is no hair base with the head piece, I tried adding one, in the end, I left it as the designer intended.  You have many possibilities, the face mask tattoo does come off.  Skin is from Nvious
Kate Mocha M1
Prowl the grounds, strut, pace, stroll, get down there and check out the various carts, find the $0L  items, grab up the $50L specials.

REMINDER - watch for the reopening of the Designer Showcase - ^^

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New @ Kangaroo Fashion

Qyhat Harbour partner in Land Dash Studio, has a shop in Tiny Outpost  (her main shop) with a boutique in Raglan.   Together we run a second blog for the customers and  Tiny community   http://Tiny   
KANGAROO SHOP @ Tiny Outpost
We thought we would share with you some of the pictures from this mornings adventure Haunted Fruit Islands!!, Fig - Moderate  after all, Tiny not only ones who love the thrill of adventure.
Have a little fun, step outside the box, visit this fun island, there is a lot to see, Just watch not to step on any of the Tiny that could be visiting while you are there...hahahahaha we is small, but we is mighty... That is Q you see checking everything out.
To Tiny this is shocktober month... be watchful - some are ankle biters.         for Kangaroo Fahsion news

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flawless - Harvest Cart Sale

With Halloween just days we visited The case of Praying Mary Halloween by MadPea, for the photo shoot.  Feature today our items from the Flawless - Harvest Cart Sale.  Taxi to FLAWLESS
Ok I could have had the blog done sooner, but there were so many tempting treats in the hunt that I made time to chase them down =^_^=.  If you haven't gotten the goodies yet, best get your butt down there soon.
The dress is deliciously divine, true vintage, there are several colours it comes in, I had aimed for the lime green, but this deeper forest green turned out to be a better backdrop for the Fulo jewelry.  The dress is by Orquidea.  This is a designer I think I will want to know more about.  I know there is a huge fan base out there for good vintage.  This dress is one of the $50 specials you will find during the cart sale here at Flawless.  Those fabulous bracelets the model is wearing are both from Fulo and are her $50 offerings.
Shape is from Anna Shapes, Mirella is also on the carts here at Flawless..  the diva shoes are from Lindy....   here at Flawless...
Skin is - Dulce Secrets - Marini - Cognac, Pumpkin
Eyes, Shapes by Kira - Dark Olive 
Hair - Manon with gemstone hair band - Diva 
I have more pumpkins to find, please come and join me...  they are easy to find...  ^^     more pictures on flickr - link on the right.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amacci model - Hallie

Amacci presents, Hallie (model shape) wearing Amacci Hazel, hair is Amacci Maddie, blueberry, Lip tattoo is Amacci #10 (Hazel fair) Eyes are also Amacci
Emerald 13 big
The Amacci diva is wearing Lindy Court Button color hud changing shoes.
The Sania off shoulder mesh dress is from Glitteratii, tights are part of the PurpleMoon Groovy long skirt.
Shot on location -CF University- Cystic Fibrosis University  (Cystic Fibrosis Education Presented By The Boomer Esiason Foundation)
more pictures on Flickr - taxi on right
Amacci main store
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Fresh home baked pumpkin pie with a big dollop of freshly whipped cream.
Yum.  This is the time of year when the various shades of orange and burnt umber are vibrant around us. Where else to go but a pumpkin patch.  We found just the place Pumpkin Patch - Grave Yard - Haunted House, BOYSTOWN 
Our beautiful,exotic model  is wearing
Anna shape - Brook
Amacci Skin - LIane Goth
Amacci Eyes - Emerald 13 big
Lindy Shoes - Court Button with a color hud
Love Soul hair - I love Nature, ash brown
Bonita's Jewelry - Heavy Metal earrings
Cold Logic - top, rhodes orange Mesh
Cold Logic -  capri, Shelly tangerine  Mesh
AO - Vista
Poses - Diesel Works                  more pictures on flickr
Amacci main store                      Bonita's Jewelry
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
R2 fashion main store, Love Soul         Cold Logic
[AMARELO MANGA]   Anna Shapes

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Raglan where the Tinies Play

Raglan Shire - Where the Tinies play :  Raglan Shire is a place near and dear to my heart.
October has to be one of the most fun months in the Shire.  Actually all year there are events, but for me October is the month I find the most colourful and festive. Hmm no maybe its the celebrations around the holidays in December.  There is always something going on,  right now there is new art being featured in the Raglan Tree Gallery.  If you are not already a Tiny and want to explore the world as a Tiny, then you head to WynxWorks and Abranimations for Tinys  (two shops on the same Tree) for your choice of an amazing selection of Tiny Wynx avatars.   Abranimations is all about animations, they are well known for adult animations, dance animations, and numero uno in the Tiny world.
There is shopping on ground level and in the tree tops.  The whole sim is well laid out with billboards and directions everywhere.  We were here to visit Qyhat Harbour's Kanagaroo Fashion shop.  Her main shop is located at Tiny Outpost, but today's adventure was in Raglan Shire where  she has a small boutique in the tree where the Raglan Tree Gallery is located.
You can actually shop from Tree to Tree following the wooden foot path that winds its way over the Shire. Q (Qyhat) is the first to tell you that there are so many wonderful designers and builders in the Tiny world that you will be amazed at what you will find.
Each designer has his/her own style, if you can't find it in the Shire, its not out there.
If you can't see it ask.  Everyone is friendly.
Find the Jazz Paws kiosk and read all about the Tiny Dream, or visit the web page and
read all about it. http://www, .. want to talk to the top Bunnah, Zayn Till, he's usually around, and always willing to talk about Jazz Paws, errrrr that is if he isn't already up to cute furry neck in "stuff" - but he will make time for you, send him a note card... he is one popular bunnah.
Look for these signs, Q is going to check out the haunted house, she does this every year, never ceases to amaze and tickle the funny bone.  The haunted bog you wants to visit at night..omg she has be talking like her.giggle, it is fun, come and join in, big or small, you  will  be enthralled.
There will be more pictures on Flickr (Q's latest addition to the Kanagaroo Fashion collection - Shocktober Forest, at sale price while on the floor of the shop, once in the vendor it returns to full price, go get it!!!)
Will fit most Wynx Tiny Avatars....Kangaroo Fashions -Raglan Shire Tree Tops
TAXI TO  Raglan Shire Welcome Center

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vampire Vamp

Location -Gothic Clothing & Boots by L&B Mainstore (Vampire,Steampunk, Gothic  
Shape - Erika - Stars
Eyes - Erkia vampire doll eyes - Stars
Skin- Akeruka Nora Vampire
Makeup - Erika purple lips and teeth - stars
Shoes - PurpleMoon - Polka pumps in Cream and Orange
Outfit -Mijn boutique - cloth "Autumnal Dress and blouse c/w tights
Hair -.:Secret::  Ahoy (flexi) Mocha
more pictures on flickr - link on right
Akeruka Italian Creations - HQ Skins & Shapes
mijn.botique / mainstore location
PurpleMoon Creations
Secrets - Tribal Soul
Stars Fashion, skins,shapes

Saturday, October 13, 2012

NEFARIOUS -night mistress

Nefarious rides at night.  Be aware that her energy is strong and vibrant during the October moon.
My thanks to the following designers who made this fantasy come true.

Skin- Mystic Canvass - GFW Talisa  A cup

Outfit - PurpleMoon -Sacrifice in Black  - love the claws and the fantastic attention to detail in the dress..

Eyes - Erika Doll vampire   -Stars -skulls,candles,skeletal hands WOW

Hair -Vanity Hair - couldn't have done this the way I wanted without Tabata's help.. she nailed it with this hair.. the horns are part of the PM outfit =^_^=

Jewelry - Bonita's Jewelry - Web diamond necklace and earrings

Shoes - Enkythings - Khan

visit Flickr for more pictures on this presentation.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Diva Vamp

October brings out the exotic, mysterious vamp part of our personality.  We can adorn ourselves in exciting, dramatic and theatrical attire.  Second Life is 
a cornucopia of amazing designers who daily put out offerings to temp our
inner diva.
Shape - Twily -Halo
Skin - Dulce Secrets -Nyree Martini Precious Citrine
Eyes- 2 C Inspire 27 Natural Green/blue
Hair - Vanity Hair - Bewitched
Shoes - Nora by Fay Rhode
Jewelry - Eluzion - Madelyn
Outfit - SYS - Psylo -avante garde - purple
Shot on location - Mocha Cathedral,
there are more pictures on Flickr - link on right
AO Vista
:Twilythula:. Shapes & Fashion, SandyBeach West
Vanity Hair - Main Store
Skins at Dulce Secrets Mainstore
[sYs] DESIGN Fashion Store : Urban , Cyber & Chic
Fay's Shoes
Eyes 2C

New AO - Hot & Spicey

If this is for you..... then now is the time to get down to the store and pick
up this new AO.. while it is HOT HOT HOT

Monday, October 8, 2012

PM La Mort Douce

Sometimes pictures tell a story on their own.  PurpleMoon has once more wowed me with design that left me yearning to transform into a pixel. How I envy the model her ability to wear this fantastic creation.
follow the Flickr link for more pictures..
Model -Al Vulo "emy"
Hair ...S... mia auburn (Secret) new release
Skin..Mystic Canvass -Yvonne on sale now at SYS project
Eyes - Poetic Colors - autumn moon
Jewelry -Dark Mouse -Cascading beads  may still be available Market Place

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mystic Canvass @ SYSP

Yes we are still at the SYS Project, (Structure your Skin Project) where else does a shape changer and skin junkie go on her days off. Today we are looking at Mystic Canvass - Yvonne - now here is a lady with ATTITUDE!
MC has many skins to offer, this is one that I couldn't resist for myself.  I had just the outfit to wear it with.  Java's Stepping easy.  Java has given us the necklace and bracelet to wear with the dress.  The makeup on Yvonne is stand alone, I didn't feel earrings were needed.  The skin is dramatic in itself.

Structure Your Skin - Project: OCTOBER, don't deny yourself, a lot of work goes into putting this project together.  Reap the bounty.

JAVA Fashion Designs  fair warning, Java Designs is a very tempting shop, lots to see and very well priced.  Allow yourself time to browse.

See pictures on Flickr - link on right
Shape - Al Vulo emy
AO is always VISTA
Shoes - Enkythings Dangsan
Hair - Twisted Spring Hair (Bad JuJu) (designer - JuJu NeximusI give you her name because I don't know if she is still doing hair

Another Flawless day

Style by Kira... this is another  skin/makeup up in the LuLu series. This one again is at the SYS project, and will be there till the end of October. I have a fondness for this lip colour and sultry eyeshadow. (LuLu Skin 01H)
Hair - Ploom - Maia - Candy complete with a hud
Dress- Amerlo Manga - Gaby mesh S  - this is an outfit that took me a bit of time to adjust too.  this is what I would wear in RL.  comfortable and practical.  I hate confining my body, therefore, do not wear a bra.  In SL since I don't have the same challenges, I would choose something more form fitting.
The dress won me over, it is sexy, slinky, and the pattern and cut of the gown allows for many different movements.  The avatar shows well from any angle.
This photo shoot was done at Flawless  there is major renovations being done on the sim... the official reopening will be some time mid October.

Structure Your Skin - Project: OCTOBER,    super sale on skins


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flawless Beautry

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, the princess belle's of our childhood dreams and story books.  Now grown up, we are our own diva's.  Style by Kira has once again dipped her finger into the magic bowl and given us Lulu 01D.  Lulu is on sale all this month in the SYS project, link will be provided below.

I couldn't resist pairing Lulu with eyes from Mayfly (Deep Sky eyes, Deep Emerald #4), shape is Twily - designer shape Alora.  The breathtaking gown  (Fall bliss) is by Teradawn Serenity (Wild Serenity Clothing)  Shoes - Enkythings - Yuja II rust, Earrings are from Bonita Jewelry (Persnickety black)    Hair- A&A Hanna 8 with a colour changing bow.
Pictures were taken in the studio.  The flow of the gown was poetry in motion, I wanted you to see how gracefully it falls from the body. The colour and shading in the dress is deep, rich, truly reminiscent of fall, very aptly named
Fall Bliss.
Structure Your Skin - Project: OCTOBER,  Being a skin tart, this is one of my favourite events. Don't miss it.  It is the opportunity to see samplings of work/art from your favourite  skin Designers.
Enkythings -shoes-boots-footwear
:Twilythula:. Shapes & Fashion, SandyBeach West
Bonitas Jewelry
Wild Serenity clothing -
A&A Hair - Alli&Ali Designs New Mainstore Landing Point

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Belly dancing

ok, get up off the floor.  I had to try it. I took myself off to Bellydance Goddess Oriental Oasis Mall & HaNeeN Club,  thankfully I was there on an off time for the club.  I'm very rusty.  However I purchased a pair of Chalwar in crushed satin and it wasn't long before I was getting into the mood. (BG) mesh  designer is Aquilegia GossipGirl.
Chalwar satin pants - Bellydance Goddess
top/bra - M&M  cream
Jewelry - M&M  Brazalette gold
Hair - Ploom Natie, streaked
Eyes- Redgrave  sage green
Skin - Mystic Canvass (MC) Bev, aqua shadow
Shape - Anna - Chelsea small
[Mystic Canvass] Skin,Cosmetics & More,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

shocktober release 2012

newest release from Kangaroo Fashions -Raglan is a Tiny Diva delight.called Shocktober 2012 in honor of the Raglan festivities this month.  The dressd is also availabale at the Kangaroo Fashion - Main Store - Tiny Outpost
model is Wynx Avatar - red bunny  WynkWorks  
This wabbit is a natural for the fall season, her colours are a deep rust lending themselves to many of the Fall colours that we will see in the Tiny Outpost shops, or in the Raglan commercial centres.
The rabbit does come in other colours, check them out.

If you require animations for your Wynx Tiny avatar - Abranimations for Tinies
is located to the left of Wynxworks if you are standing in front of the shop.  If you have friends that are human, there are wonderful animations there for the interaction of human andTiny.  Dance, there is a wall of dances.

The texture on the shocktober dress is original work by Qyhat Harbour, it was created with YOU in mind.  There are lot of fun and entertaining gatherings in October, both in Raglan and Tiny Outpost.  Qyhat has priced the dress so it is very affordable.  Accessorize in your own Diva style to make it your very own look.  note that vendor box on the floor is sale priced, (under 50L)  in the vendor on the wall you will pay full price $120

Hair is from CIC - Calico Ingmann Creations -Romeo - bleached Rose
Calico has a number of wonderful styles, not all will fit a Tiny, try the demos
CIC-Calico Ingmann Creations - Affordable Quality Hair Designs, Calico Kitty

Earring is a Qyhat Harbour design -not currently for sale.  Other merchants have jewelry, check them out, Tinies love bling.

The Tiny merchants in both Raglan and Tiny Outpost will have lots out to tease and tempt you this month. Take the taxis provided and visit, look around, most of all enjoy and join in the fun.

Tiny - we are ONE....
remember to support Jazz Paws, stop in the the Jazz Paws kiosk - if you have not already joined, please consider doing so.   Jazz Paws  is for and about us.
You will find all the information you need at the kiosk, if there is something you can't find, contact information is there for you to speak with someone.

Remember that there is Flickr group for Tinies to post in, Tiny Lifestyle, fashion and creativity