Wednesday, September 26, 2012

yesterday's dreams

Often when we travel, we journey along the highway towards our destination and miss along the way some of yesterday's treasures.  In the States yesterday as we headed towards another destination, I saw something that had me ask that the car be turned around.  We drove back a couple of miles, and I got out to take a few pictures.
I felt the charm and  felt the happiness that had once filled this home.  The old tire still swings at the side where the children must have played.  Now there are cattle that roam free near the old homestead, and there is a feeling of quiet calm that surrounds one who stops to share in the moment.
The tractor sits, still waiting for its rider to reclaim its seat, so that the work can progress.
It was a snapshot in time.  A memory stirred to a time when life was lived at a slower pace.  Someone still come around, the cattle grazing are a reminder that the connection to today is there.  I had to leave and carry on, but that
moment in time,will stay with me.
Outfit is Paris Metro Couture -watercolour outfit complete with hat
Hair - Truth Sam with roots - latte
Skin/makeup -Style by Kira   Serenity 02D  Designer Showcase
Eyes - Mayfly - Liquid light eyes - Monet Night
Shape -Twily - Goddess
pictures on flickr
SL pictures shot on location G&T Creations Mainstore Fashion and Romance , Eternal Dreams
RL -NewYork State

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