Saturday, September 22, 2012

New from Purple Moon

Wow, new outfit landed at my door from PurpleMoon.  I personally am a big fan of the PurpleMoon store, and will spend hours drooling over Poulet's designs.  It is a great way to spend some quality time when in a shopping mode.  The Designer Showcase model who worked with me this morning saw the outfit and begged to wear it so a cocktail party she is attending.  Permission granted as long as I could get pictures for my blog.  One of our more mature models, she loved the colour combination and the way the black was used to accentuate the decolletage.  she is right of course, it also draws the eye down to the wearer's long legs. The contrasting golden yellow is very imperial, and not brash.  The designer has used a lovely stitching down the back giving the dress a very high end custom made look.

We paired the dress with the Designer Showcase merchant Elemental's Zelda jewelry set that is in the current showcase. (Silver and snowflake obsidian, this designer always uses either precious or semi precious gemstones in her pieces)

Model kept her natural hair colour =Smoke = style is Truth Sam (gift)
Shoes - PurpleMoon - Polka Pumpkin
Skin/makeup - Style by Kira Serenity 02D  (in current DS)
Eyes - MayFly -liquid llight -Monet night

When you see something you like, wear it, feeling good in our clothes makes us more confident and that shouts alluring "woman in control"  S E X Y. anytime, anywhere.

PM link is on right.
Taxi to Designer Showcase
more picture on flickr
shot on location there are several areas to see Depraved Nation Slums being 1

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