Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little Girl Lost

Ever gone to a wrestling match.  Did you even know that it happens here in SL?  Today's model took me to the arena where it all happens, it seems there is going to be a big match there tomorrow - Friday September 21. 5 pm SL
VWE: Virtual Wrestling Entertainment @ MetaDome Arena, MetaMix Studios
There will be 3 matches, showing off the best of the best.
The model was a little lost in the magnitude of the stadium. 
LOL even a tad intimidated (ok big time taken aback) by the size of the wrestler she met.
We are told this is a big event and well attended, get there early to be sure you have a good seat.  Ladies it could be VERY interesting, two of the names in the ring will be Derrick Cult and Ashe Cuervo (who is seen in the picture with our DS model.
Shape/skin/eyes/makeup- Nuria - from Stars - current Designer Showcase
Shoes - ChoOoZ - merchant from Designer Showcase
Outfit - ALB Fiona Hobo gift (top M2)
Hair -Amacci ash blond base with Betty attachment
Jewelry - Fulo- Juliana noir - amethyst current Designer Showcase

there will be a few more pictures on flickr, however, the stadium is a place you need to visit for yourself.  Go when there is an event.  It will be an event to remember.

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