Friday, September 21, 2012

Hot hot Java

There are power dresses and then there is the dress that makes you feel in control, gives you that nudge to assert and give your most.  This lastest offering from Java gave our Designer Showcae model the corporate "get it done" bad ass look.  

MASAI MARA, The Solidarity Store, is a charitable site where you could find exclusive and new designs and discounted items. 

With every purchase you are doing a charitable action to help children in Kibera (Kenya), especially the Mama Tunza children's home.
We invite you to visit our website:  (taken from their notecard)
MASAI MARA, The Solidarity Store, GoldenSand Island

Kenya-Feed a Smile, Alison    Feed a smile is another location we visited today.
How we dress often has an impact on how we see ourselves.  It will reflect where we are heading, if its out to socialize, work, shop or just cruise.
There is one place we can always count on for our wardrobe needs and that is
the Designer Showcase.

Our model today was wearing an outfit from a Designer Showcase merchant, Java, outfit is Influence.  This outfit comes complete with the gloves jewelry and shoes. model is wearing the medium mesh.
Make up is Style by Kira skin -Serenity 02D, Serenity is one of my favourites from this Designer, pick up the skin while it is in the current showcase.
Eyes- Mayfly - Liquid light eyes - Monet night
Hair - Amacci Hair,skin,shapes,AO  new release Eleni - dark copper

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  1. Yay, the Serenity skin looks so cute on that shape you used. Thanks for using her in your post. And thanks for spreading the word about Masai Mara! <3