Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ebony visits Bourbon Street

I was recently introduced to a new member of the Nvious Design shop, Beckette Ebony (shape 4) is wearing Nora 001c makeup (skin) for this photo shoot.  I was taken by the rather petulant beauty of the shape /skin combination as it was presented to me. Usually I will use the Long Dash Studio models, but Ebony I felt would fit in with my trip to Bourbon Street.
Eyes-Mayfly Eyes- liquid light - rainshower 4      Jewelry - ELEMENTAL JEWELRY & METAPHYSICAL MERCANTILE, -Cross your heart earrings, and necklace,  beautiful gemstones, lapis Lazuli
Shoes - TDR 2 years pumps - gift
Hair -Diva MainStore - calanDiva - Manon Brown -diamond
Dress - R2 Fashion main store, Love soul   A/D/E/  mesh sleeveless
Model shape and skin -   Nvious on Flawless    (Nora 001c)   (Beckette Ebony shape 4)    rose blue string bikini -AS
More pictures on flickr - link on right
Treat yourself to a visit to Bourbon Street, New Orleans City
There is a lot to see and experience, bring a friend, have a coffee, tour the shops, it is a lot of fun.

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