Thursday, September 13, 2012

Come to my nest -

Ah you delicious morsel, come visit my nest.  The Tiki on the rocks from Inverse  it is my hideaway..  Clear skies, a canopy for privacy, lush vegetation, and huge boulders will keep us away from prying eyes.  
Sorry this is the only bed.  We will have to share ^^..
This delightful retreat is perfect for an island in the sky, a private beach,
a mountain retreat. visit    INSIDE/Inverse   for more info.

Model - Twilythuia            Skin- Style by Kira - willow 01F
Eyes- Mayfly Liquid LIght - Desert Dawn
Hair - Vanity Hair - Lali- nova black
Dress - Raven by Snowpaws - (DESIGNER SHOWCASE)
Jewelry - Bonitas Jewelry
Shoes-SLink - black wrap wedge 
more pictures on flickr - link on right

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  1. Beautiful post! I need to go get me one of those things. I don't even have a house but that looks like such a relaxing place to chill. I appreciate your using the Style by Kira Willow skin for the post! Her skin color kinda lends itself to the tropical feel of the scene. It is perfect. And you can never go wrong with Snowpaws and Vanity Hair. Thanks again!