Saturday, September 29, 2012

9.2012 shopping

There is a lot going on.  Where to start. I began working on this a couple of days ago, just couldn't sit long enough to pull it together.  
#1.  Designer Showcase, will be shut down for a month, while extensive renovations are done to the Flawless sim.  the showcase will reopen the
1st of November.  Be ready for some innovative and exciting changes.

#2. In helping a friend just coming into SL find a look that she could live with,
I discovered that places I knew way back when, simply were no longer around.
While looking around for a new hairdo for myself, I came across a shopping
area that suited our purposes in getting items for her to try.  SERENADE Photography and Poses, Dreyfus.  Not only do they have a Freebie store, they have fitting rooms that offer privacy while a newcomer learns the steps we take for granted.  ie. opening a box, wearing hair and making sure we have a base on etc.

#3. Tameless is the hair place that brought me to this location.  I have used Tameless in the past, and I liked the look of the new hairstyle they have just released. Tameless also has a good inventory of body shapes that come complete with the look you see on the vendor. (designer is Nita Bracken)
Tameless Hair & Avatars, Dreyfus
#4, CIC-Calico Ingmann Creations - Affordable Quality Hair Designs, Calico Kitty
This is the hairstyle that you see in the pictures, you will see colours from the Bronzed Blonde series.  I found this designer, by chasing down the new Designer Showcase merchant -BeautyCode-

#5.  .::BeautyCode::. - Skins - Shapes - Bodyshop, Roxbury  You are being give the taxi to BeautyCode, with the Designer Showcase being closed for the next 4 weeks, you will have to visit BeautyCode to explore their inventory.
The skin I'm wearing is the one featured in the last showcase, Kaylleigh -Tan
Smokey Cateye.  this will be a skin I will wear a lot for myself.  Usually I would be wearing it with my Twily shape, however, in this shoot, I am wearing the Java shape (Kimberly) (Java is another Designer Showcase merchant)

#6 there are more pictures on Flickr - link on right.

#7. The newcomer to SL was taken to the Designer Showcase where she purchased the showcase item by Stars designer Alanna DuPont  99L$
bought her the shape. a choice in makeups,skin, eyes,eyelashes.  She joined the Designer Showcase VIP group and got a fabulous raincoat by Liv-Glam
There are a lot of wonderful designers in SL.  The place to start your adventure is the DESIGNER SHOWCASE.  Stay tuned.

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