Saturday, September 29, 2012

9.2012 shopping

There is a lot going on.  Where to start. I began working on this a couple of days ago, just couldn't sit long enough to pull it together.  
#1.  Designer Showcase, will be shut down for a month, while extensive renovations are done to the Flawless sim.  the showcase will reopen the
1st of November.  Be ready for some innovative and exciting changes.

#2. In helping a friend just coming into SL find a look that she could live with,
I discovered that places I knew way back when, simply were no longer around.
While looking around for a new hairdo for myself, I came across a shopping
area that suited our purposes in getting items for her to try.  SERENADE Photography and Poses, Dreyfus.  Not only do they have a Freebie store, they have fitting rooms that offer privacy while a newcomer learns the steps we take for granted.  ie. opening a box, wearing hair and making sure we have a base on etc.

#3. Tameless is the hair place that brought me to this location.  I have used Tameless in the past, and I liked the look of the new hairstyle they have just released. Tameless also has a good inventory of body shapes that come complete with the look you see on the vendor. (designer is Nita Bracken)
Tameless Hair & Avatars, Dreyfus
#4, CIC-Calico Ingmann Creations - Affordable Quality Hair Designs, Calico Kitty
This is the hairstyle that you see in the pictures, you will see colours from the Bronzed Blonde series.  I found this designer, by chasing down the new Designer Showcase merchant -BeautyCode-

#5.  .::BeautyCode::. - Skins - Shapes - Bodyshop, Roxbury  You are being give the taxi to BeautyCode, with the Designer Showcase being closed for the next 4 weeks, you will have to visit BeautyCode to explore their inventory.
The skin I'm wearing is the one featured in the last showcase, Kaylleigh -Tan
Smokey Cateye.  this will be a skin I will wear a lot for myself.  Usually I would be wearing it with my Twily shape, however, in this shoot, I am wearing the Java shape (Kimberly) (Java is another Designer Showcase merchant)

#6 there are more pictures on Flickr - link on right.

#7. The newcomer to SL was taken to the Designer Showcase where she purchased the showcase item by Stars designer Alanna DuPont  99L$
bought her the shape. a choice in makeups,skin, eyes,eyelashes.  She joined the Designer Showcase VIP group and got a fabulous raincoat by Liv-Glam
There are a lot of wonderful designers in SL.  The place to start your adventure is the DESIGNER SHOWCASE.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

yesterday's dreams

Often when we travel, we journey along the highway towards our destination and miss along the way some of yesterday's treasures.  In the States yesterday as we headed towards another destination, I saw something that had me ask that the car be turned around.  We drove back a couple of miles, and I got out to take a few pictures.
I felt the charm and  felt the happiness that had once filled this home.  The old tire still swings at the side where the children must have played.  Now there are cattle that roam free near the old homestead, and there is a feeling of quiet calm that surrounds one who stops to share in the moment.
The tractor sits, still waiting for its rider to reclaim its seat, so that the work can progress.
It was a snapshot in time.  A memory stirred to a time when life was lived at a slower pace.  Someone still come around, the cattle grazing are a reminder that the connection to today is there.  I had to leave and carry on, but that
moment in time,will stay with me.
Outfit is Paris Metro Couture -watercolour outfit complete with hat
Hair - Truth Sam with roots - latte
Skin/makeup -Style by Kira   Serenity 02D  Designer Showcase
Eyes - Mayfly - Liquid light eyes - Monet Night
Shape -Twily - Goddess
pictures on flickr
SL pictures shot on location G&T Creations Mainstore Fashion and Romance , Eternal Dreams
RL -NewYork State

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New from Purple Moon

Wow, new outfit landed at my door from PurpleMoon.  I personally am a big fan of the PurpleMoon store, and will spend hours drooling over Poulet's designs.  It is a great way to spend some quality time when in a shopping mode.  The Designer Showcase model who worked with me this morning saw the outfit and begged to wear it so a cocktail party she is attending.  Permission granted as long as I could get pictures for my blog.  One of our more mature models, she loved the colour combination and the way the black was used to accentuate the decolletage.  she is right of course, it also draws the eye down to the wearer's long legs. The contrasting golden yellow is very imperial, and not brash.  The designer has used a lovely stitching down the back giving the dress a very high end custom made look.

We paired the dress with the Designer Showcase merchant Elemental's Zelda jewelry set that is in the current showcase. (Silver and snowflake obsidian, this designer always uses either precious or semi precious gemstones in her pieces)

Model kept her natural hair colour =Smoke = style is Truth Sam (gift)
Shoes - PurpleMoon - Polka Pumpkin
Skin/makeup - Style by Kira Serenity 02D  (in current DS)
Eyes - MayFly -liquid llight -Monet night

When you see something you like, wear it, feeling good in our clothes makes us more confident and that shouts alluring "woman in control"  S E X Y. anytime, anywhere.

PM link is on right.
Taxi to Designer Showcase
more picture on flickr
shot on location there are several areas to see Depraved Nation Slums being 1

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hot hot Java

There are power dresses and then there is the dress that makes you feel in control, gives you that nudge to assert and give your most.  This lastest offering from Java gave our Designer Showcae model the corporate "get it done" bad ass look.  

MASAI MARA, The Solidarity Store, is a charitable site where you could find exclusive and new designs and discounted items. 

With every purchase you are doing a charitable action to help children in Kibera (Kenya), especially the Mama Tunza children's home.
We invite you to visit our website:  (taken from their notecard)
MASAI MARA, The Solidarity Store, GoldenSand Island

Kenya-Feed a Smile, Alison    Feed a smile is another location we visited today.
How we dress often has an impact on how we see ourselves.  It will reflect where we are heading, if its out to socialize, work, shop or just cruise.
There is one place we can always count on for our wardrobe needs and that is
the Designer Showcase.

Our model today was wearing an outfit from a Designer Showcase merchant, Java, outfit is Influence.  This outfit comes complete with the gloves jewelry and shoes. model is wearing the medium mesh.
Make up is Style by Kira skin -Serenity 02D, Serenity is one of my favourites from this Designer, pick up the skin while it is in the current showcase.
Eyes- Mayfly - Liquid light eyes - Monet night
Hair - Amacci Hair,skin,shapes,AO  new release Eleni - dark copper

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little Girl Lost

Ever gone to a wrestling match.  Did you even know that it happens here in SL?  Today's model took me to the arena where it all happens, it seems there is going to be a big match there tomorrow - Friday September 21. 5 pm SL
VWE: Virtual Wrestling Entertainment @ MetaDome Arena, MetaMix Studios
There will be 3 matches, showing off the best of the best.
The model was a little lost in the magnitude of the stadium. 
LOL even a tad intimidated (ok big time taken aback) by the size of the wrestler she met.
We are told this is a big event and well attended, get there early to be sure you have a good seat.  Ladies it could be VERY interesting, two of the names in the ring will be Derrick Cult and Ashe Cuervo (who is seen in the picture with our DS model.
Shape/skin/eyes/makeup- Nuria - from Stars - current Designer Showcase
Shoes - ChoOoZ - merchant from Designer Showcase
Outfit - ALB Fiona Hobo gift (top M2)
Hair -Amacci ash blond base with Betty attachment
Jewelry - Fulo- Juliana noir - amethyst current Designer Showcase

there will be a few more pictures on flickr, however, the stadium is a place you need to visit for yourself.  Go when there is an event.  It will be an event to remember.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Second Life- Norway

Shot on location at Sabeltann - 3,104 sqm / The Cabin 
There are times in our lives when we just need a change.  Today's model gave me the idea that we should visit Norway.  Seconds later we were @ the Cabin.
I found it very restful with lots of place to have friends over to share in the ambiance.  The bear gave our model a bit of a scare, but once he got to know us, he was as friendly as a baby lamb.
Hair[ AMACCI   - new release -  Sphinx streaked, natural blonde
Jewelry - Bonitas Jewelry 
Eyes - Mayfly

Skin -Shoes and dress are from the current round of the Designer Showcase

Shoes- Lindy Jodie Tawny, these snappy ankle boots are perfect for strutting your stuff, the neutral colour will go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Dress - Masoom's Tutti Fruit strapless mini is fun and flirty

Skin - Beauty Code - Kayleigh Tan shows off  your summer glow.  If you have not tried the Beauty Code product yet, there is no more perfect time then NOW.
more pictures on flickr

Friday, September 14, 2012

Atlantis and Amacci

Beauty - ancient exquisite statues of adonis and his female consort, marbled pillars, a perfect setting for the lovely Louisa, one of the new releases from Amacci.  The model sat quietly, her hair was being gently teased by a breeze, the moment was perfect for this camera shot.
Shape - Twilythuia Shapes          Skin - Akeruka - Twiggy, medium M1C  1
Eyes - Mayfly deep Sky eyes - Deep Emeralfd
Hair - Amacci- Louisa -  black Coal
Dress - Masoom - Mishel gown
Shoes - Lindy - Molly black Patent  (Designer Showcase)
Jewelry - Glow Studio - Please me

more pictures on flickr  -link on right
Shot on location  ! [ ~ ATLANTIS ~ ] ! Strip Club Escorts Dancers ,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Come to my nest -

Ah you delicious morsel, come visit my nest.  The Tiki on the rocks from Inverse  it is my hideaway..  Clear skies, a canopy for privacy, lush vegetation, and huge boulders will keep us away from prying eyes.  
Sorry this is the only bed.  We will have to share ^^..
This delightful retreat is perfect for an island in the sky, a private beach,
a mountain retreat. visit    INSIDE/Inverse   for more info.

Model - Twilythuia            Skin- Style by Kira - willow 01F
Eyes- Mayfly Liquid LIght - Desert Dawn
Hair - Vanity Hair - Lali- nova black
Dress - Raven by Snowpaws - (DESIGNER SHOWCASE)
Jewelry - Bonitas Jewelry
Shoes-SLink - black wrap wedge 
more pictures on flickr - link on right

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ebony visits Bourbon Street

I was recently introduced to a new member of the Nvious Design shop, Beckette Ebony (shape 4) is wearing Nora 001c makeup (skin) for this photo shoot.  I was taken by the rather petulant beauty of the shape /skin combination as it was presented to me. Usually I will use the Long Dash Studio models, but Ebony I felt would fit in with my trip to Bourbon Street.
Eyes-Mayfly Eyes- liquid light - rainshower 4      Jewelry - ELEMENTAL JEWELRY & METAPHYSICAL MERCANTILE, -Cross your heart earrings, and necklace,  beautiful gemstones, lapis Lazuli
Shoes - TDR 2 years pumps - gift
Hair -Diva MainStore - calanDiva - Manon Brown -diamond
Dress - R2 Fashion main store, Love soul   A/D/E/  mesh sleeveless
Model shape and skin -   Nvious on Flawless    (Nora 001c)   (Beckette Ebony shape 4)    rose blue string bikini -AS
More pictures on flickr - link on right
Treat yourself to a visit to Bourbon Street, New Orleans City
There is a lot to see and experience, bring a friend, have a coffee, tour the shops, it is a lot of fun.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Like a nymph from the sea, the lovely Ally (Stars) is here.  Currently in the Designer Showcase, Ally is presented to you, avatar, skin, makeups,eyes and a style card for the hair you will find on the package.  Stars's designer supplies you with a look that is very alluring.  Outfit(Gold) is also from Stars.  Shoes - Lindy - black patent Nicola  Hair - Vive Nine - arbre in iridescent
Shot on location Bella Vida Velvet Jazz Lounge -Romantic Dancing -
more pictures on flickr - link on right

Style by Kira, does it again

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all... hehe cackles the witch... of course its me... Well, no worry these days, Style by Kira has given us Amber, a delightful face, the make up flatters any colour of hair. Amber is the skin now on sale in this round of the Designer Showcase
I could have gone on taking pictures, but you'll get the drift with what you see, get down to the Showcase and pick up your own Amber, make her your own.  Hair styles, Magika, (Minzy,Cinta,Mayra,Anywhere) Shape- Twily
Eyes - Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes, Monet Night, Dress - Liv-Glam - summer 2012 (Designer Showcase) Ring -Bonita's Jewelry (Designer Showcase)
Shot on location *ALA* mode - Second Street Tokyo, Drymonia
You an see from the background, that you won't be disappointed if you visit the shops where magical characters and fanciful designs are in every boutique.
more pictures on flckr. link on right.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cowboy country

Having just returned from a month long cross country journey through 9 States and 5 Provinces, this "city girl", got a taste of the "wild" west.  Never had I seen a tumble week, nor was I prepared for the grass lands of South Dakota.
We were lucky, we had fabulous weather, perfect for exploring. At the Devil's Tower in Wyoming, I wanted to sign up for one of the rock climbing expeditions, but had to forgo the idea due to time restrictions. sigh.
Shape - Amacci - Molly S           Skin - Keira   Make up - Keira #1 (Stars)
Shoes-  Lindy  Sandye Ochre  sorry these were in the last Designer Showcase
           I couldn't resist wearing them.
Earrings - Eluzion - Eleanne blue       
Eyes - Mayfly- liquid light eyes Monet night
Hair -  Amacci blueberry with blue streaks.. Sione comes with a color hud
Outfit - Liv- Glam  Fall 2012 Samantha... wow it always boggles the mind that
           this designers gives you the options that she does with her product.
           Currently on sale in DESIGNER SHOWCASE one price, great value!
Shot on location Buffalo Gap - Home of the Red River Cherokee, Wyoming  
This is a role play sim. shopping is available on arrival with a few freebies.   

Friday, September 7, 2012

camera lights!

There is a special quality one looks for in a model, today's model has that quality, quiet, understated, eyes the smoulder, and a graceful elegance that seduces. 
model- Amacci Molly S -     skin - Amacci Mirelle (ebony) 13 green
eyes- mayfly - liquid light eyes -desert dawn
jewelry - Bonita's jewelry -yellow long flat link earrings and bracelet
hair - Amacci - Sione  2 parts, the base and the hair style - Ash
Look closely at the gown. the attached over the shoulders bolero type top that create such interest to the upper body, the floral embroidered bodice that shapes and tantalizes before teasing the eye with a skirt that  whispers "sexy" while it wraps around your body. (Unique Clothing -Kelsey gold.)

Where can you find this delightful dress - why DESIGNER SHOWCASE  of course.  I've been on holdidays, what is your excuse.. get down now to see the wonderful new items on display.
Shoes - CHo0oZ  not seen in photos.. visit Designer Showcase.