Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage Fair 2012

Before taking off on my holidays I thought I'd check out the Vintage Fair.
Lots of walking, lots to see, I was glad to finally sit at the wonderful table for two outside the Liv Glam -Glamorous shop.  Inside the shop was filled with designs to drool over.  There was a constant stream of visitors to the shop while I rested my tired feet and sipped my coffee.
There is so much to see at the fair, that you need to make sure you are low on prims/scripts  to get around.  Outside of the Liv Glam shop, the designer has put out a free gift for you.  VERY nice outfit.  check it out.  You will have to go and collect it, to see it.=^_^= I want you to be tempted by all that is at the Vintage Fair!
I've always wanted to be on a billboard ^^ ..  For my holidays I'm dressed for comfort.  Skin- Dulce Secret - Sumrah Sangria   Eyes - Mayfly liquid light -Desert Dawn.   Hair - Amacci Boa - Swedish blonde - Shoes - Enkythings-Sulaco contrast - purple         earrings -Lordiva -Glam bold
Here you have Aisha's (Designer Showcase) reaction to my "sleeping on the job"   LIv/glam is part of the Designer Showcase, don't forget to check out what is being showcased at DS.  Aisha is wearing a cute summer dress from another of the DS merchants (BTS Designs). While you are there, check out another new merchant to the showcase, Oceane Body Design.  Snowpaws 
has put out a new dress called Raven, let me tell you, I'm sorry I won't be here to blog this outfit, I love Snowpaws outfits. It is a lovely fresh way to wear black.
Up and on my way, see you all on my return, I'll miss you all =^_^= 
my top is Hell bop - Sandie purple - Pants Degged - red plaid shorts
see flickr for more pictures.  (Degged is now only available on marketplace)
Vintage Fair 2012 - A CHIC Management Event

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