Friday, August 3, 2012

I wanna be a blonde

On my wish list, is that I get to be a stunning blonde. This new hair by Amacci, Sione that I wore yesterday, I really liked.  So... today I'm wearing the streaked summer blonde.  AND because it is Friday, I'm wearing a group gift from Lillou's Dream, you'll know why when you see it... yes! the Patalia mesh pant.  Reminds me of the sarouel, and I love love love my sarouel type pants in RL and SL.  To join the Lillou Dream group there is a $50L fee and the group gifts are then $1L.

The outfit has big flowing sleeves, that I am not wearing, but they are there for you if you like that look. I did not want to distract from the pants.  Shoes are Enkythings Yuja II pink.  Eyes- Amacci - emerald 2.   Summer is the one season that I enjoy the big deco type earring, these are from Eluzion, Elanna in orange.

Skin is from the one and only Style by Kira... this is the 2nd option offered in  this round of the DESIGNER SHOWCASE  I previewed this skin yesterday with dark hair, you can see that with the blonde hair it is just as striking.  Check out shading and detail  on the body, you will look good, very good in fact in various stages of dress. ^^   Serenity has to be one of my very very  personal  favourite skins.. I love the look captured today.

AO is Vista Animations - The sensual woman, I am totally enamoured with the breathing AOs. - link on the right (Vista the AO of choice)
Taxi to Amacci main store
Taxi to Enkythings
flickr link on right.

Photo shoot was done at Ruxy's -Bird in the Hand Ruxy's a regular Designer Showcase merchant, has a lovely shop, check it out.  There is a Hunt going on between July 28th and August 6th.  One of my favourites in her shop is the way the leaves cast shadows on the wooden floors.  Open spacious, very inviting to the shopper.

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