Sunday, August 5, 2012


Ladies! I met a gentleman last night who gave me control of the dances from the dance ball.  Now this might not be new to many of you, but to me it was a first.[blushes madly, at somethings I guess I'm still a fledgling].  Some of these new dances are very sensual, wow..I felt very naughty watching, almost a " voyeuse".  LOL "almost " is the key word, since the dance floor was packed, it wasn't what i would call private.  Certainly fun.
When dancing, there are only a few shoe Designer that cuts the mustard for me, Enkythings is one, why .. cuz your feet are graceful, legs connected and no matter what your outfit does, your legs are all there.
The outfit I'm wearing is from L3S Fashion, Pink Caprice by Mintxu Denimore,
it is packaged complete with a legging, shoes and jewelry.  I liked it the way you see me wearing it.  The dress billows and moves around the body when you are dancing, I loved it.  My partner loved it.  At these clubs, there are a lot of women standing around, usually I'm one of them... =^_^= we outnumber the men.  Make the moment count.
Shop and choose wisely.  Skin is Style by Kira, hair  Amacci,  eyes, MayFly you've seen the look now for several days, I'm enchanted with it. (check previous posts)    Begin your shopping experience with Designer Showcase  make it the stepping stone to a new you!

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