Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage Fair 2012

Before taking off on my holidays I thought I'd check out the Vintage Fair.
Lots of walking, lots to see, I was glad to finally sit at the wonderful table for two outside the Liv Glam -Glamorous shop.  Inside the shop was filled with designs to drool over.  There was a constant stream of visitors to the shop while I rested my tired feet and sipped my coffee.
There is so much to see at the fair, that you need to make sure you are low on prims/scripts  to get around.  Outside of the Liv Glam shop, the designer has put out a free gift for you.  VERY nice outfit.  check it out.  You will have to go and collect it, to see it.=^_^= I want you to be tempted by all that is at the Vintage Fair!
I've always wanted to be on a billboard ^^ ..  For my holidays I'm dressed for comfort.  Skin- Dulce Secret - Sumrah Sangria   Eyes - Mayfly liquid light -Desert Dawn.   Hair - Amacci Boa - Swedish blonde - Shoes - Enkythings-Sulaco contrast - purple         earrings -Lordiva -Glam bold
Here you have Aisha's (Designer Showcase) reaction to my "sleeping on the job"   LIv/glam is part of the Designer Showcase, don't forget to check out what is being showcased at DS.  Aisha is wearing a cute summer dress from another of the DS merchants (BTS Designs). While you are there, check out another new merchant to the showcase, Oceane Body Design.  Snowpaws 
has put out a new dress called Raven, let me tell you, I'm sorry I won't be here to blog this outfit, I love Snowpaws outfits. It is a lovely fresh way to wear black.
Up and on my way, see you all on my return, I'll miss you all =^_^= 
my top is Hell bop - Sandie purple - Pants Degged - red plaid shorts
see flickr for more pictures.  (Degged is now only available on marketplace)
Vintage Fair 2012 - A CHIC Management Event

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sassy - On Track Dress

There is something about lime green that turns my crank these days.  I just wanted this dress and can't wait to get it off the model's back.  It comes in the lime and black and lime/white. the outfit is by Sassy.  Mesh, it has a nice fit, and paired with the olive green Ekota T from Enkythings, the look is carefree and stylish.  Off the shoulder shows that nice tan you've acquired over the last couple of months.  Jewelry is WenLing from Fulo.

Model is wearing Diamond Avatar skin Bree sunkissed make up 2.  Keep in mind that Diamond Avatar has a 50% sale going on at the main shop, There is also a new skin on sale at Designer Showcase form Diamond Avatar.  This lovely outfit is in the current round of the Designer Showcase, as is the jewelry, so really, you need to grab the limo and visit the showcase.

Eyes are from the Mayfly Liquid light collection.  there us such a selection being offered, make time to visit and look at what will suit you best.Mayfly
Easygoing, carefree hairstyle is Amacci Hair  Larissa- swedish blonde

Shot on location Oubliette ~Glorious Spring Awakens!, Oubliette

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Ladies! I met a gentleman last night who gave me control of the dances from the dance ball.  Now this might not be new to many of you, but to me it was a first.[blushes madly, at somethings I guess I'm still a fledgling].  Some of these new dances are very sensual, wow..I felt very naughty watching, almost a " voyeuse".  LOL "almost " is the key word, since the dance floor was packed, it wasn't what i would call private.  Certainly fun.
When dancing, there are only a few shoe Designer that cuts the mustard for me, Enkythings is one, why .. cuz your feet are graceful, legs connected and no matter what your outfit does, your legs are all there.
The outfit I'm wearing is from L3S Fashion, Pink Caprice by Mintxu Denimore,
it is packaged complete with a legging, shoes and jewelry.  I liked it the way you see me wearing it.  The dress billows and moves around the body when you are dancing, I loved it.  My partner loved it.  At these clubs, there are a lot of women standing around, usually I'm one of them... =^_^= we outnumber the men.  Make the moment count.
Shop and choose wisely.  Skin is Style by Kira, hair  Amacci,  eyes, MayFly you've seen the look now for several days, I'm enchanted with it. (check previous posts)    Begin your shopping experience with Designer Showcase  make it the stepping stone to a new you!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Serenity goes to Paris

With the heat promising to soar into the very high temperatures today, we took to the skies.  KTC - KIMPA TAMMAS CREATIONS, Made in Paris  Cool, bright and perfect for the photo shoot. With the flags of the world flying gaily in the background it was the perfect setting for the lovely black classic evening gown from Java. (current in this round of the Designer Showcase)
The model decided that the jewelry that came with the gown was sufficient.  I had to agree, the gown  has straps that are covered in crystals, a beautiful look on the well toned shoulder.  The decolletage is very well done, giving an elegant look to the dress.  The necklace looks good askew, making the look less formal and more coquettish.

The model decided to give the look a more fun appearance and styled her hair with Amacci -Lola- Sangria, this really complimented the Style by Kira Serenity, opt. 2 that we did not change the look.  Eyes are from Mayfly, Liquid light eyes - Tawny.  shoes are from Fay - the Viki slingback.
You've now seen Serenity with 3 different hair colours, black, blonde, and today in red tone.  She is stunning and on sale Designer Showcase
pictures on flickr

Friday, August 3, 2012

I wanna be a blonde

On my wish list, is that I get to be a stunning blonde. This new hair by Amacci, Sione that I wore yesterday, I really liked.  So... today I'm wearing the streaked summer blonde.  AND because it is Friday, I'm wearing a group gift from Lillou's Dream, you'll know why when you see it... yes! the Patalia mesh pant.  Reminds me of the sarouel, and I love love love my sarouel type pants in RL and SL.  To join the Lillou Dream group there is a $50L fee and the group gifts are then $1L.

The outfit has big flowing sleeves, that I am not wearing, but they are there for you if you like that look. I did not want to distract from the pants.  Shoes are Enkythings Yuja II pink.  Eyes- Amacci - emerald 2.   Summer is the one season that I enjoy the big deco type earring, these are from Eluzion, Elanna in orange.

Skin is from the one and only Style by Kira... this is the 2nd option offered in  this round of the DESIGNER SHOWCASE  I previewed this skin yesterday with dark hair, you can see that with the blonde hair it is just as striking.  Check out shading and detail  on the body, you will look good, very good in fact in various stages of dress. ^^   Serenity has to be one of my very very  personal  favourite skins.. I love the look captured today.

AO is Vista Animations - The sensual woman, I am totally enamoured with the breathing AOs. - link on the right (Vista the AO of choice)
Taxi to Amacci main store
Taxi to Enkythings
flickr link on right.

Photo shoot was done at Ruxy's -Bird in the Hand Ruxy's a regular Designer Showcase merchant, has a lovely shop, check it out.  There is a Hunt going on between July 28th and August 6th.  One of my favourites in her shop is the way the leaves cast shadows on the wooden floors.  Open spacious, very inviting to the shopper.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer colour

The newest outfit in the Designer Showcase from Liv Glam is a knockout.  I love the colour.  Of course, red is a very passionate colour, the designer from Liv Glam  has turned a rather vintage style skirt into a modern flirty "fetch me" style that is very becoming.  the strapless top, it matched with bold jewelry that compliments the colours in the skirt.  The straight down folds, and the horizontal stripes that dip from waist to hemline will give any body shape that vixen look.

The outfit was teamed with the newest in the showcase from Lindy, her shoe has a colour hud with the ability to change the gem. This allows you to put your own gemstone on the shoe to match your "mood" and outfit.  I kept the red to pull together the red from the necklaces and earrings, elongating my appearance.

Skin-  also from the new showcase, is from Style by Kira - Serenity 01 DS, I'm a big fan of the Serenity line. This skin has a soft rendering that is perfect for the summer face.

Hair- Amacci- Sione, streaked graphite,a new release -Amacci main store

Eyes- are from MayFly- eyes-mesh eyes-realist eyes  Deep sky-Grey shadow
duh.. guess what I just found in the Mayfly store? Eye Eraser- FREE, an optional alpha mask for use with mesh prim eyes. What a wonderful idea, don't know how I missed it.. but I did. go pick up a pair. there is also a full comprehensive guide to sizing your mesh eyes for those of you who still have not tried them.  Reminder out there, for all Yabusaka based petites, there is a whole wall of eyes for the mesh avatars.

Shape - Anna Shape -Beatriz (Vanity  Fair) (Analy Amat)  this is a new designer for me, I liked what I've seen so far, and that several options are given.  Today I'm wearing the model shape

Taxi to the fashion hot spot in Second Life - DESIGNER SHOWCASE
more pictures on flickr - link on right
Shot on location A&A Town, Disability and Amputee Awareness, Kilmarta

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two Moon Gardens

Two Moon Gardens - Botanical Garden Center, Ferndale this is a part of the gardens I'd not visited before.  I felt like I was in a Monet painting. Very romantic, and restful.  I have chosen to wear two different hair styles by Ity hairstyles so that you can see that even though they are basically for the Geisha, they do look fun and give a personal sense of style with a "today" outfit.  The outfit that is just so much fun, is from 1 Hundred  aptly called Breezy.  Breezy Lilac  is in this round of the Designer Showcase.  The darling summer ankle boot I'm wearing is from another DS merchant, Lindy, it is her Court Shoe.  The skin and body, again a DS merchant Stars Fashion.  You will find Marguerite Shape and Skin in this round of the showcase for $99, it includes not only the shape,skin eyes and eyelashes, but a choice of make ups as well.*note, I am not wearing Marguerite, she did not get to me in time for this photo shoot.  Vancouver the Stars product I am wearing is available only on Marketplace.


Step outside the box, develop your own style, let the  Designer Showcase
inspire and help you find new looks.
Check previous blog for taxi to Ity for fabulous savings on Geisha hair. 50%
more pictures on flickr