Tuesday, July 3, 2012

new round DESIGNER SHOWCASE July 1.

You will find a couple of knock out pieces in this showcase.  Yesterday while preparing for this blog, I was detained, having a visitor in RL who I was introducing to our wonderful world of SL.  The model was left on her own in the shop and in the Flawless plaza for some time. During that time, she was addressed numerous times in chat and in IM about the outfit she had on.  It is stunning, check it out for yourself.
Look at the detail in the hat and bodice.  The jewelry is a vintage pearl set from our wonderful merchant Bonita Jewelry.  This enchanting outfit, evening gown, formal over the elbow gloves, and vogue hat come from Bubbles Design.  Skin - Diamond Avatar, Shila fair #2
 Readers * these items are in the current DESIGNER SHOWCASE
more pictures on flckr - link on right
Model is wearing R2 black pumps  - Hair base is from Vanity Hair
Eyes - Amacci -Insight -fudge #3
stay tuned for more....

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