Monday, July 16, 2012

Miss Simone

Miss Simone has been teaching elementary grades since she began her teaching career.  She was considered by everyone to be a charming young lady.  Not in their wildest dreams would they have guessed at the thoughts that ran through Miss Simone's pretty little head.  It was shortly after the new physical education teacher arrived at the school, that students and co-workers began to notice subtle changes in the quiet Miss Simone.  A special day trip was planned to S&B Spronkwing's Books & Toys, Sacred Falls, Miss Simone and Mr. Mudimo would be the teachers tending to the students for the trip.
Shape - Style by Kira - Serenity      skin- Style by Kira Amber special DS 01
Eyes - Amacci Sappphire 5 big        hair - Amacci -Imana - Wheat blonde
Shoes - Leverocci - Platform pumps- Tropic
Outfit - Java - mesh Picasso - white with earrings and glasses
Bangles and necklace - Dark Mouse        Ring - Chop Suey- Take my heart
taxi to Java Fashion Designs,Limitless
Taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE - don't miss out.  Visit today!
OMG she's been reading Fifty Shades of Grey  - more pictures on flickr

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  1. Do they let adults in there too? That looks fun! Thanks for the great post, as usual! Love the look of that skin on that shape. :D