Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hair Fair 2012

Who can ever have enough hair?  Not moi! Many of our favourite hair designers are at the fair. Featured today is the one and only  Amacci.
Hair Fair - Flower, Hair Fair -  the hair at the Fair is available only at the fair till the 30th.  After that time you will find it at the shop.  The organizers of this year's fair have it well set out.  Demos and maps are available when you land, this is a big time saver. Shape and Skin today is also from Amacci, Mirelle (ebony) 01 natural.

Calypso Bay, Sunny 
Hair in this photo is Cassie, she comes in a lot of wonderful colours.  Eyes are also Amacci - Sappphire 5.. I like that they are so light against the dark skin.
The sexy X shaped top is from Graffitiwear.

Hair Fair 2012 is busy, when you go leave your scripts behind, you'll find the experience much more enjoyable. there is a lot to see, give yourself time to see all of the designers that are there.  You won't be disappointed.

taxi down to DESIGNER SHOWCASE  where Amacci has a special fave pack of
long hair called Coralee.  5 colours for $99L
few more pictures on flickr

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