Monday, July 23, 2012


Hmmm got a gangsta in your life?  I remember when working at Ivalde's the number of requests we got for 'gangsta" clothes..  it seems i've stumbled on a shopping area, devoted to that period. Chicago 1920's , Shepham Estates
I'm looking at a Monarch Imperial Convertible Limousine red and white. Nice!
Personally I think I'd go for the Monarch 500HS sports car -black. Only $999
There is a white limo here but unless the driver is provided with the car I'd have to pass ^^ . for sure I'd pass on the Hearse.  Although in role play if you were the owner of the hearse, you'd probably do well financially.
"Welcome to Chicago the 1920s. Featuring The Fiume Jazz club,vintage shopping,Live music, and The Empire Burlesque show. Known as the "Roaring 20's". A 1920 role play sim. Go back in time and step into a era of gangsters & roleplay  " 
Hair and outfit are currently on sale @ DESIGNER SHOWCASE  this means they are specially priced during the showcase.
Hair is Amacci,                 Outfit is L'ordiva, 
Shoes- Enkythings - YujaII silver black
Jewelry - Graffitiwear  group gift
Skin- Mons- Jelena
Eyes- Amacci - Emerald
 more pictures on Flickr

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