Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 13th -art,fashion,dance

Friday the 13th, a lucky day. A day to explore and enjoy. Starting out at an art gallary owned and operated by Jazz artist Waltkeys Faith. Waltkeys Gallery of Window Paintings, Virtual Montmartre.  You'll find this little gallery not only delightful to visit and explore, but come at the right  time and you might find Walt at the keyboards.  There are bistro tables, a small intimate dance floor and a comfortable sitting area around a cozy fireplace.
Outfit is from Graffitiwear,  comes complete with the ankle boots.
Hair is from VANITY HAIR- Main Store - HAIROLOGIE, Waterton Way
Skin -Akeruka Italian Creations - HQ Skins & Shapes -, Akeruka   Twiggy Medium MK 7   shape is also Akeruka Twiggy
Eyes - *Amacci * Eyes, Hair, Skin, Shapes & Makeup, Poses & Animation,
Fudge  #14 big
AND just in case you want to try some new dance moves.  guess what.. Humanoid has just put out a FREE Ally 31 girl's shuffle.  if you need a reminder of how techno smooth Ally is, watch the following video.

Taxi to  HUMANOID - ANIMATIONS // Motioncapture Dance Animations Club

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