Friday, July 27, 2012

Feeling Fuschia

Colour can affect my mood.  I love it when a colour jumps out and calls out to me.  We dropped in today to The Colour Factory, Anango Isle.  Fuschia is the colour of the day. Outfit is Pretty in Pink from Graffitiwear. The outfit is flirty and fun. It comes with the ankle boots!  Jewelry does not come with the outfit, but is from the same merchant. Graffitiwear.
Colour is what I was craving, colour is what I got, this factory is one floor after another of brilliant, splashes of colour and patterns. In my exploration of the place, I found the cutest Tiny wabbit. ^^ and big lovable dog. What will you find?
Skin - Nvious Izzy M3 I love this skin, I always feel very seductive when I wear it.  Shape is Julia - style by Kira, eyes- Style by Kira, dark olive.
Hair - Amacci- Doris, black coal
Check flickr for more pictures.  link on the right.
Taxi down to Flawless.. check out Style by Kira and don't forget while there to
visit the Designer Showcase  Style by Kira is just down the road from DS.

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