Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Far East Influence

I was immediately taken with the latest outfit in the Designer Showcase by
Barely Legal - the outfit is called Hong Kong Garden.  It consists of a mesh top and skirt.  the patterns are floral, the designer used different flowers and colours to pull together a really charming ensemble. Each of these items will compliment other pieces in your wardrobe.
The jewelry is also in the current showcase.  Elemental has once again given us a stunning refreshing look for the summer.  The lapis lazuli stones are in a deep yet vibrant shade of royal blues rather than the green that is so often seen.
I kept the Diamond Avatar skin on because #1 I like it and it is one that reflects my Asian heritage. BUT also so that I would remember to let you all know that Diamond Avatar is going to be having a huge sale in the next couple of weeks so that it can make room for new releases.  Everything will be on sale 50%, skins, shapes,makeup, eyes and lipstick.Diamond Avatar Mainstore,

DESIGNER SHOWCASE  is where you will find the designers that bring you classic elegance, and in vogue style.  Reliable fashion and accessories at a get to know them price.  Designer Showcase is here for you.

Link to Qinhuai Qinhuai - Jinling Village,
There is currently a shop there that has all the Geisha hair styles on sale. IF you know anyone wanting an Asian hair style, pass this information along.
The shop is called [ity]  Hair is provided plain without adornment or with the adornment, this way for those wanting to put in your own accessories you can.
Contact Serena ity for more information (mohsin.paulino)

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