Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day Off

Planning "the holiday" headed down into the States Michigan, Wisconsin,  Minnesota, North Dakota possibly South Dakota,Wyoming and finally Montana.  My last trip to Montana I flew in from Denver, it was a small plane over the mountains, I said "never again"... so this time, I'll see more of the States that I haven't seen before, and will drive there.  the journey back will bring us back through Canada.  I've not seen the Prairies. Today is hanging out day, just chilling.

The new DESIGNER SHOWCASE will be in place for your soon, before I  leave I will have time to check it out and give you the highlights, you will in turn be able to get your beautiful self down there to check things out for yourself.

Today - shape is Twily,       Skin-Mons, Eyes -               Amacci, fudge #9m, 
Hair- Dura, girl 27 Platinum,              Shoes  sYs -ankle dolls boot, Titanium
sYs -Top. Stardust,           AO - Vista animations - urban sexy chic
Pants -RAZ  nb* RAZ was formerly DEGGED - it is now only available on marketplace

Those wonderful friends/readers who keep up with me in RL know I love these pants and search high and low for them to wear.  I developed my love of this type of pant through wonderful designers like sYs  and RAZ
The trial speak and shield I don't remember where I got them, they were made by Moose Sands
Kung Fu poses by "Luth"        more pictures on flickr
Shot on location -Noweeta Grassland - Its all about love this is a very tranquil and beautiful setting.  It wasn't my first visit and it won't be my last.

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