Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Akeruka - Neo

The Duke of LaKoba was sure of one thing, the women in his life were just tiresome at times.  A tall elegant man, his work at the palace kept him busy with little time for distractions.  When he fancied some leisure time, he wanted to enjoy every moment of it.  With the Duchess (his wife) and his mistress now renewing their friendship he found  himself with time on his hands.

Lazily his thoughts drifted to the lovely and talented lady Carina.  His smile deepened, approaching him was the dazzling beauty herself.
Readers, the Duke is rugged, his shape is Akeruka Neo, the skin also Akeruka  I tried with several different hair colours.  Hair (not the wig) is from Amacci,  Paul, you will see pictures of the Duke with black coal, hazelnut and natural blond.  His dark penetrating eyes are Amacci- Fudge.  There are more pictures on Flickr... One with his shirt and jacket off =^_^= I want you to see the detail on his chest.  Men, experiment with hair colour, it can give your avatar a whole new look.  The Duke is a bit roguish at times, but very loveable.  He loves women, and is only too happy to pleasure them.
You've met the ladies in his life, I thought it time you met the man himself.
His outfit is from Fanny's Dream Italian Style. The shoes did not come with the outfit.  They came from Pearse'd & Cut Victorian Menswear.

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