Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wonders of the Grand Canyon

ENCHANTED FOREST, Grand Canyon South  a place so big and vast that it takes the breath away. I have been listening to music today,   music has a way of doing what a landscape can do, it can take you back or forward in time.  I didn't know about this singer till I attended a live concert in SL, now she is a favorite.  Eluzion is also a favourite, a merchant at the Designer Showcase, her clothes and jewelry have a passion to them.  Have you tried any of her wares yet.  if not.. you really should visit the Designer Showcase to see what she has there right now.
Drianna by Eluzion comes complete with the footwear.  Earrings are also by Eluzion - Maki, the hair piece is also Eluzion (Maki mouth pearl)
Hair is Amacci Freda, Pearl Platinum, makeup and skin Amacci - Liane -Fair
Eyes - Amacci- Emerald, more pictures on flickr - link upper right

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