Monday, June 11, 2012

a visual journey thru jazz

Nat's Jazz Club and Village Shops, Ephesus  double delight.  Teleported over to hear WaltKeys Faith on piano, only to discover that there was an art exhibit happening at the same location.  You will see the wonderful works of Bonafide Aries in my photos, (more on flickr, link to the right)  He has work showing in several galleries, please IM him for more information if you want to see more of his talent.  -picture below is by Indea Vaher another artist showing in the gallery.

Walt is a jazz pianist who kisses the ivories with a light and playful touch that surrounds the listener with a music that resonates and lingers long after he has finished playing.  Bonus, the evening was spent listening to all originals. He plays Nat's on Mondays. (when schedule allows)
Outfit is from sYs cat suit Penumbra        shoes  R2 ala
Skin, eyes,make up, hair (Imana), Amacci

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