Monday, June 4, 2012

Sultan's Daughter

Harem of Sultan M.Rossini on Maderia Springs Oasi, Maderia Springs - note readers that this is a women only site.
The Sultan watched his daughter's graceful movements as she practiced on the beach.  He saw her draw her fist, and focus her punch.  Her back straight, her stance proud she lunged forward, her kata was her mantra, he knew her mind and body were in sync.  He marveled at her agility on the sand and in the water,he knew that anyone foolish enough to try to challenge her would be outwitted.  She was beautiful, and lethal.  Had he done the right thing in training her as he did in the martial arts, in so doing he ensured her a life of independence. Was there a man out there confident enough to accept the woman she was.
outfit -  Graffitiwear - Teal leather two piece      @ Designer Showcase
shape - Stars    February model (modified)      
Skin, Jenny bronze - makeup-eyes- sapphire #18, hair-, all  Amacci
pictures on flickr -link upper right

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