Monday, June 18, 2012

Solace Grove

Solace Grove - Forest Park Sanctuary and more  beautiful beaches, birds singing, terrace to enjoy and dance on.  What more could one want.  Whether on your own or with your "partner" this is a place to explore and enjoy.  You will see in the pictures that I was totally enthralled with the blue jay.  There was a cute little chickadee there too. They were delightful company.  I couldn't spend enough time there, I absolutely love the place and plan a return visit.  so many great pictures had a hard time deciding... you'll see the rest on flickr.
Shape and Skin - Al Vulo- baba 2, coquette cl. sucre.  Readers I could not resist this skin,  when I put it on I inspected myself from top to bottom. Even the belly button is charming.  The shape came with my purchase, I really like the look, you will see a portrait snap on flickr. ($1000L)
Hair is Amacci - Viola- Henna from the fav pack that is now in the Designer Showcase 
Shoes- Enkythings  BaBa Yago - sesame
Eyes- Style by Kira - Spring Green
The fabulous outfit is from Lordiva, earrings are a bonus offering from the designer. this too is on sale now at DESIGNER SHOWCASE  included in the
Lordiava outfit is a sun hat, not worn for this photo shoot.

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