Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She woman

Having come home from meeting with a personal trainer, signed up for a series of weight training sessions, I'm feeling chuffed.  Especially after finishing book 4 of John Norman's books on Gorean life, the outfit from Eluzion was perfect for this blog.  The outfit is called Xoana.  It reminded me of an outfit that would be fitting a woman of super powers.  This outfit is now on sale in the DESIGNER SHOWCASE  you get 2 colours the green & a burgundy.
You may wear this dress and feel all sweet and fluffy, but it makes me want to prowl, to throw back my head and strut.  Boots are from Enkythings, his Courtisene line, Allumeuse - olive.
Get to close and who knows what I'll do.  Hair is from Tukinowaguma - Kristan  it has a colour changing feature.  Avatar- Sophy by sYs
Eyes- Style by Kira spring green  - Skin is also by Style by Kira - Willow and is in this round of the Designer Showcase
more pictures of flickr

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