Friday, June 1, 2012

RMS Titanic Ship of Dreams

Today we had the pleasure of working with Sophie from the Designer Showcase merchant "Stars".  She is an absolute doll.  Stars has made Sophie available for a limited time in the Designer Showcase, she comes c/w her shape, make up and a variety of skin tones.  Hair is from Diva (group gift Diva 2)  Sophie picked out the Designer Showcase outfit from Lordiva, (London Summer skirt set)  Shoes are TDR2 pumps.
We worked on location RMS Titanic, Ship Of Dreams, 1912-2012, Titanic
The colour of the green in the outfit, is soft and warm giving the outfit a very inviting look .  The skirt is a very nice length, respectable, and enticing, the outfit lends itself well to vintage/retro, yet the top is very "modern"  Sophie gathered her fair share of admirers during our outing.
This is a big ship, there is a lot to see.  Bring your partner and enjoy a romantic evening in the ballroom.  more pictures on flickr
From any angle this outfit looks great.  It will go into my inventory for sure.
It has a very seductive feel to it.


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