Friday, June 1, 2012

Mysterious Dreams

Standing knee deep in water, the choice is to open the door or take the airborne option to the ballroom.  The door dark and medieval was much more appealing.
However, no matter how she approached the door, it would not open. Turning she caught sight two giant arms coming out of the water a row boat was being carelessly thrown up into the air.  With a joyful  leap, she flipped herself up and unto the boat. This was the reason she lived in a magical world where dreams, no matter how fanciful were possible. Mysterious Dream, Moonlight Sim - Moderate 
There are 3 items that are current in the Designer Showcase, the skin, Diamond Avatar's Vanity Fair 04 (very romantic skin), jewelry,Aurora Borealis-Baccara orchid and the delicious outfit from Snowpaws- Halo.  I was stopped many times during the photo shoot to be asked where I got my dress.  This is a "stop them in their tracks" dress.  Not because it is risky/frisky, but because the design is clever and coy.
Grab the limo to DESIGNER SHOWCASE  the world awaits you!
more pictures on flickr  
Shoes - G. Field (bangles come with shoes) 
Hair - Diva - Senri "A" Brown Diamond
The dress has a hud for adjustments..  so does the hair.

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