Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Mistress

She all but ran from the room, her face turned away so that none would see the tears in her eyes.  The sun caught the diamonds that hung from her delicate ears, and danced off the matching necklace that graced her lovely neck.  What good were diamonds, jewels and the chateau if always she would have to be on her own when it mattered most. Romantic Isle of Dreams, Mystical Ball Room and Palace Gardens  Yes he claimed he loved her, yes, he gave her beautiful things, but she knew, he would never leave his wife.  Even she loved his wife, for the Countess was her friend.  How had this happened, how had she allowed their friendship to become intimate. What puzzled her even more, was that she was sure her friend knew, that it was she who was the Count's mistress.

Somehow she had to find a way to get herself away, out of this situation she found herself in.  Without thinking she ran down towards the distant buildings where often she walked and talked with a man she knew simply as Jess.
Crossing the stone path that led to his lands, she began to wonder if this really was the right thing to do.  Looking ahead, she saw him, sitting bowed, his head in his hands.
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Jewelry - fulo - Juliano earrings and necklace
Outfit - Bubble's Design - Mayleen
Shoes- Enkythings - Khan , black/gold
Hair - Amacci, Viola, vanilla blond -now on sale at DESIGNER SHOWCASE 
Skin & shape - al Vulo - baba 2, coquette, sucre 
eyes- Amacci sappphire 13 big

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