Friday, June 8, 2012


INSIDE inVerse - Mainstore - Houses ,Mesh Prefabs, Sculpties
30x30 - 1024 sq. m or bigger        167 prims     full furnished
remote controlled security system       500 HQ animations
copy - modify- no transfer      (more pictures on flickr)
On flickr you will find pictures taken from all sides of the house, and of all the rooms in the house.  Like all the Inside houses, these are not only well built, they are presented in a way that is easy to see yourself in the house. The furniture is well laid out, it could be and is a Designer  Home and affordable cost.  The interior designer for Inside has done a superb layout in this house.
Here the model enjoys the wonderful view from the large front deck.  model is
wearing Diamond Avatar skin, Paige #6, and the Diamond Avatar Paige shape.  She is dressed in the Eluzion outfit Yessenia that comes complete with the eye glasses.  To see the skin without the glasses, check the flickr pictures.
The bedroom, easily my favourite in the house.  wish I could snap my fingers and have the house on the beach .. where I could watch the sunset and rise from the comfort of my room.  sigh.

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