Saturday, June 2, 2012

Male candy

Men come in all shapes and sizes. Some stand out in a crowd, others are just part of the crowd. This man knew that I was appreciating him, what he didn't realize was that I was admiring his shirt, OK yes and the cut of his jeans across his well shaped bottom  LOL no,not cause I thought him a catch, but rather, he would look good in the picture I wanted to take.  I happened to know he was wearing a shirt and a pair of jeans from Rispetto Designs. (Designer showcase merchant)   The outfit he was wearing is on sale right now in the Designer showcase.  You know readers, women appreciate a well dressed man, we like it when the clothes fit a certain way, looking is not only a male pastime.  We will have to thank the designer for Rispetto Designs, the jeans leave little to the imagination.
Shot on location WHISPERING WINDS, Whispering Hearts
Shape -Shapes by Kira - Jack
Skin - Step in Side - Phil tan
jewelry is part of the Giorno outfit (2 colours of tops in the 1 package including the jeans)
Hair- Amacci - Rick, Black coal

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