Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lady in red

That song brings back memories (smiles) ..dancing, lazy slow dancing.  the DJ would play it after YMCA, guess it was supposed to be cool down time. My friend would have to drag me to the dances, but once there, the music had me up and dancing. Another time, another place.  
Shape -February model by Stars (modified)
Make up -Face Paint -Abstract Sunshine
Hair- Imana-sunshine tipped blonde      eyes- Fudge #3   both from  Amacci
Outfit -ARGOT                                         Shoes -Lindy
The skin looks good in any lighting -  check out the pouty lips, this is a mouth waiting to be kissed. the shape that comes with this skin has the mouth that will pucker real pretty for you.^^
Taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE        flickr link upper right

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