Friday, June 29, 2012

Lady Carrie steps out

The beautiful Lady Carrie, whirled happily in her designer gown, she was delighted to have occasion to wear the Seraphin Amethyst gown from Snowpaws  This had to be her very favourite place, Charmed Enchantment, Torn  it wasn't often she could get away, but when she could, this is where she came.  She found the place bewitching. Now and then she stumbled on lovers who were too engrossed in their own activity to notice her.
She smiled.  Life was good, the beauty of nature surrounded her.. 
There will be more pictures on flickr that will show you the detail on this gown, it is exquisite.It is well crafted to show your shape and beauty at its best.  Hair is another wonderful design by A & A called Hann.  It gives a look of elegance while maintaining your carefree spirit.
I'm very taken with the new eyes by Mayfly - Liquid light - rainshadow 2
they come with 4 levels of white,I lean towards the bigger eye, but it will be your preference, that is what makes our looks so unique.
Skin is Akeruka blanca - medium the delicate shading around the eyes and 
Thethe blending of colour on the cheek bones has me mesmerized. I've not taken it off since I put it on.
Shape is Twily- Sky.  Shoes-                 Enkythings- dangsan blk.  

Readers it is that time - summer, when the living is easy & many of us take to  cottage country.  Others are in and out enjoying each and every day that comes our way urban or country, both if we can get it all in. What you can't miss out on, is the new round of designer specials @ DESIGNER SHOWCASE
This beautiful gown from Snowpaws -  is on sale now in the showcase. Do yourself a big favour, don't miss out on a visit to this lovely build where we did the photo shoot.

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