Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just hanging around

LaRPS Vamporium : The Darker Side of Vampires (Est 2007)  it is Saturday night and what else to do but explore. I was intrigued by a LM that i found in my inventory, it is amazing what one can find when one  looks.  I found a hearse much like one that was part of a honeymoon I had many years ago. LOL can you guess if that match lasted... what is that expression, one has to kiss a lot of frogs before we come across the prince.   Let me introduce you to some of my new friends.
Hanging out wearing Fife & Fleur Khalo dress,  Enkythings shoes - Yuja II
Hair- A&A Bella 3             Eyes - Amacci- Emerald #2 big
Skin - Style by Kira - Serenity 02D
more pictures on Flickr
Is it rude to sit on a stranger's hand without asking?
The coffins were very comfortable looking.

This is a good exercise for elongating the neck.  The tightness around the neck doesn't encourage much talking.

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  1. Wow,amazing dress! It really brings out the red lips nicely! Love the place where you took the pictures. I will have to go exploring some day....and now I am totally interested in hearing about your honeymoon...cause um....haha, that is definitely unique!