Wednesday, June 6, 2012

JD Mechanical Toy Factory, Forgotten City   A piece of chocolate, looks  innocent enough, but if you are having a sweet tooth craving, it can be dangerous. In the throes of pleasure while savoring the crispy biscuit encrusted in a rich milk chocolate, I taxied over to the Mechanical Toy Factory. There I stalked a sleeping cowboy, and explored the home of the mechanical people who live in Forgotten City.  Never let it be said that i lead a boring existence. (Little Debbie nutty bars - wafers with peanut butter per 2 cookie 310 calories,aaaghhh)  blames the sugar for behavior!
Outfit - Jazmyn Design - Poppies Yellow     Hair/hat -Amacci- Tracy Butterscotch   Shape/Eyes - Amacci    Skin- Diamond Avatar - Paige Fair 06
Shoes - Enkythings -Yuja II cream        
Jewelry - Bonita Jewelry- Yellow gem flower necklace, earrings, emerald green and flat links, matching bracelet
Outfit is currently on sale in Designer Showcase, taxi DESIGNER SHOWCASE
more pictures on Flickr - link upper right

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