Sunday, June 3, 2012

I dare you

Her footsteps were barely heard as she hurried along the castle hallway, her heart beat quickened as she saw the door ahead.  Not much further to go, there was the small pavilion to cross, but she could see there was no one there.
Standing outside the door, she was sure he would hear her heart hammering against her chest.  Not from the running but from the anticipation of what would happen next. Would he even remember her. No it was not by chance that he had brushed her arm, and looked deeply into her eyes.  It had been only seconds, for a moment she had wondered if it had happened at all, but when she had turned to look at his retreating back, he had turned and with the tiniest of nods he'd smiled before turning away again.
Just as she reached for the handle, the door opened.  Once more she found herself drowning in the most fascinating eyes she'd ever known.
Standing as tall as she could, she threw back her head, pointed to her lips and whispered, "see these lips, kiss them, I dare you"

Dress -Pekas -purple dream             now in Designer Showcase
Skin -  Stars - Sophie                      now in Designer Showcase
Jewelry - Elemental - butterfly          now in Designer Showcase
Hair, & Eyes - Amacci
Shot on location *~*Illusions*~* Event Hall, Carnivale

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