Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chocolate - Black

Coming in from different doorways, both women entered the grand salon at the same time. Their magnificence and proud bearing could not be missed.
Both were wearing the very latest designs, one from known design house, Ruxy's, a lovely rich golden chocolate gown with a skirt that billowed out giving the Countess a waist that would be the envy of all who glimpsed her.  Coming towards her was the Count's mistress in a velvet black satin and lace design from Bubbles
Seeing each other, both women stopped, "sleen" spat the countess, "hussy" countered the mistress.  All eyes were frozen on the women.  Then with one move, both were advancing on the other. arms outstretched,  "Cherie" they cried as they embraced, both giggling, their laughter floating over the other guests, the moment was passed.  The Count watching, wondered what they were up to.
Shape -Twily Goddess,       Skin Lisha DS edition, milk,CL Step inSide
Eyes - Emerald #5 big  Amacci          Shoes -Enkythings -Yuja II brown
Hair- Ploom, LOndon Candy, colour changing hud
Jewelry - Elemental - Mayan    more pictures on flickr
Outfit - Ruxy - Chocolate Collection gown -      now @Designer showcase
Outfit - Bubbles Design - Mayleen black gown   "          "              "

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