Sunday, June 17, 2012

Casual beach wear

Colourful tropical wear.. time to chill. Papito land, Belding  This little dress by Graffitiwear - Beachy Sun Dress (95L) includes the pearl necklace and matching summer wedge shoe.  Model is wearing -Hair- Tameless - Janna, coffee, Skin, eyes and  Shape are Style by Kira, (skin is Willow) Note this is not the make up that is in the Designer Showcase at the moment.  But there is a Willow now in the DS for $75L.  One can never have enough Style by Kira skins!
This look is a knock out.The way the make up is on this version of Willow gives the model a dark, mysterious and sensual appeal. (It is Willow 01G)
Check Style by Kira shop on Flawless.. head out of the Designer showcase and wander down the avenue.  Shape is called Julia,you want the modern avatar for the young looks that are so "out there" today.  Julia is the AV for you. (Style by Kira)
This outfit is made for the woman who knows her value and loves attention.
Taxi on down to the Designer Showcase now and pick up your own copy of this sexy summer mini. DESIGNER SHOWCASE

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