Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can your outfit make your day?

I say yes.  Dress for success and your day starts out in a positive way. I picked out the latest offering in the Designer Showcase from Java, Angelica Cape dress.  The dress can be worn with or without the cape.  I like the cape, to me it gives the outfit a power house look.  The earrings come with the outfit. They show up a lot more without the cape. Wearing them, guides the eye down to your cleavage.  Pictures were taken at Landscapes Unlimited: 3D Environments to surround sim or skybox,
Shape - Amacci, Lexi.  Eyes- Amacci - Fudge #3  
Hair Amacci - Viola  now in the Designer Showcase (value pack $99)
Why choose the back drop I did, because the Java outfit speaks of strength,
I wanted to stand and shout from the mountain top, I am woman, and I am free. =^_^=  When I arrived, I found another enjoying the view, such is life.
Shoes - Enkythings  Yuja II cream  -taxi to Enkythings
Skin - the lovely Step inSide Lisha Designer Showcase edition tan 1 cl
Step inSide is recent to the DS, if you have not yet tried her skins, this is a good time to do so.  They are lovely and fresh, perfect for your outings during the coming months.      more pictures on flickr.  link upper right
taxi to Designer Showcase

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