Monday, June 4, 2012

9 - 5

Shot on location at INSIDE inVerse - Mainstore - Houses ,Mesh Prefabs, Sculpties, Recouster  A business suit can be boring or it can stylish and in vogue. POM has given us a classic suit, with several shades of gray/black in the texture.  The use of the multi- monochrome shading gives the white blouse and cuffs and very crisp clean contrast.  The suit jacket has a 3/4 length sleeve, this I like, I find that a shorter sleeve gives the illusion of a longer leaner body.
there is a collar with the outfit, I have chosen not to wear it.
Jewelry - Bonita Jewelry - black short flat link earrings
             Bonita Jewelry - 2 silver hearts #2 necklace
             Ring - Nabucco black - Zephyr
Handbag - Zephyr          skin- Style by Kira - Serenity 02B opt 3
shape,eyes, hair (Larissa) Amacci
Outfit- Power suit by POM, comes complete with an avatar for the clothes, and shoes - outfit is currently in the DESIGNER SHOWCASE (taxi)
more pictures on flickr.      Note that I liked the look of this outfit so much I wanted to preserve it, in a painting ^^.  The ring I used, brings out the detail of the single button on the jacket.  A well tailored suit at one time was only enjoyed by the wealthy who could afford to have it made for them.  Now with today's technology, it is available to anyone savvy enough to grab it up when it is a on sale.

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