Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ally Dance cut part 2

Another fantastic release from Humanoid. 

The second part of sweet Ally's Motioncapture Session!
We are thrilled to see how great Allys moves match to this slower relaxing tune, even as she got captured with more speedy powerfull minimal techno tunes.
Enjoy!! (  quoted Marcus Adkins )

check out their Face Book Page

You tube url

market place site.

I love to dance, dancing is what I enjoy in my "chill" time.. I personally like this selection very much.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Lady Carrie steps out

The beautiful Lady Carrie, whirled happily in her designer gown, she was delighted to have occasion to wear the Seraphin Amethyst gown from Snowpaws  This had to be her very favourite place, Charmed Enchantment, Torn  it wasn't often she could get away, but when she could, this is where she came.  She found the place bewitching. Now and then she stumbled on lovers who were too engrossed in their own activity to notice her.
She smiled.  Life was good, the beauty of nature surrounded her.. 
There will be more pictures on flickr that will show you the detail on this gown, it is exquisite.It is well crafted to show your shape and beauty at its best.  Hair is another wonderful design by A & A called Hann.  It gives a look of elegance while maintaining your carefree spirit.
I'm very taken with the new eyes by Mayfly - Liquid light - rainshadow 2
they come with 4 levels of white,I lean towards the bigger eye, but it will be your preference, that is what makes our looks so unique.
Skin is Akeruka blanca - medium the delicate shading around the eyes and 
Thethe blending of colour on the cheek bones has me mesmerized. I've not taken it off since I put it on.
Shape is Twily- Sky.  Shoes-                 Enkythings- dangsan blk.  

Readers it is that time - summer, when the living is easy & many of us take to  cottage country.  Others are in and out enjoying each and every day that comes our way urban or country, both if we can get it all in. What you can't miss out on, is the new round of designer specials @ DESIGNER SHOWCASE
This beautiful gown from Snowpaws -  is on sale now in the showcase. Do yourself a big favour, don't miss out on a visit to this lovely build where we did the photo shoot.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You look so good

A dear friend, came and went in my life here in SL. I met her when I was with Ivalde's... Nef made this dress and named it after Eileen.  Eileen was a great supporter of my work,  I miss her bubbly energy..  She and her husband spent a lot of time re-enacting history.  I had not known about such events... wherever you are dear, this is for you.

This is one of the loveliest combinations. the skin is Akeruka blanca medium
shape is Twily Sky, eyes Mayfly - New eyes, Liquid light -rainshower, hair is from A&A, Cele #8.... jewelry is Eluzion -earrings,necklace is Bonita jewelry, two silver hearts.   shoes - enkythings  Talyna - cool green

Shot on locationBay of Balfalas, BAY OF BALFALAS
more pictures on flickr
Taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE - check out what is left of the showcase, the new  one is going to open up soon.  Last time I saw Aisha, she was busy regrouping... while you are there, don't forget to check out the Summer Lovin cart sale, and find the goodies in the hunt.  Just step outside the door of the Designer Showcase... good luck!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slow boat to China

Every once in awhile, we discover a place that is really "strange and wonderful" Curio Obscura: For the Strange and Wonderful, Business District Foxtrot it was not what we expected, yet it had an appeal that kept us there to do the photo shoot. The lovely evening gown by Totally Random just seemed to "show well" there. The gown is called Golden Goddess Mermaid.
With the gold collar and the white gloves, you need only add your favourite earrings, select your best hairdo and off you go.  Ah, yes and a pair of shoes.

Shape- Tameless - Teressa               Skin  - Atomic Grace - Buff - daring
Eyes - MayFly - Deep sky- Glacial Dusk
Hair - Curio - Betty Boo                    Shoes - Enkythings - Khan- rust
Earrings - Eluzion - Madelyn

more pictures on flickr
Taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE - from there step outside - visit all the carts in the Summer Lovin sale, chase after the hunt prizes... you'll find the cart for Totally Random there... have fun.

Paper Dolls

Dressing up, getting dressed, every day we have choices. The wonderful creative designers from Wet Cat, put together a dress rack for the Purple Moon anniversary. Some of the poses you see are part of the rack, some are not.  All in all it was a lot of fun.  Todays' assigned model had a bit of attitude, but that's OK.. she'll have frown lines by the time she gets much older. 
shape -al vulo -emy-small cutie
skin - Diamond Avatar - Katia Fair #5     Eyes- Dulce Secret - Lagoon 
hair - Amacci - Paula - sunkissed tipped
Shoes and Top - Purple Moon    mona top - mesh
Shorts - Totally Random (be you.. be Totally Random)(Part of the Sasha outfit found at Flawless Cart Sale)
Jewelry - Purple Moon  (gift)
more pictures on flickr
Taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE  you will find the sale cart for Dulce Secret in Flawless at the Summer Lovin Cart Sale - you get to Flawless by taking the taxi to Designer Showcase and stepping outside the door =^_^=
There are bargains inside the Designer Showcase, and all around the sim.
Lots of goodies to find in the hunt that is on too.

Monday, June 25, 2012

like a bird on a wire

Shot on location Mocambo Club, Pahto

Outfit currently in the DESIGNER SHOWCASE     from   Unique Clothing, Daisy Peach              Hair - Amacci - Freida - Swedish blonde
Jewelry - Aurora borealis - Baccara Orchid
Skin and Eyes - Dulce Secret - Amaretto Mysterious -black  (eyes Lagoon)
Shape - Al Vulo - Emy                  
Shoes Leverocci - platform pumps - Tropic
more pictures on flickr

Sunday, June 24, 2012

yay! Italy won..Euro 2012

After watching football, I dug out a pair of green paisley sarouel, by now you know I like this style of pant - Hey the Beib was wearing a pair on the awards the other night.  Had the matching top, both from {Bubble} and went for a walk.  Shoes - Enkythings Yuja II Brown,   Hair= Ploom - Maia, Candy
Shape -{Bubble} Ethnic,     Skin - Dulce Secret - Colene V2 Bitter now on sale at the Flawless cart sale.  Taxi to Designer Showcase  from there, just step outside the door, the sale is all around the sim.
There will be a few more pictures on flickr.  while you are in the area, don't forget to check out the goodies in the Designer Showcase itself.
Couldn't resist, had the place to myself.. Silly me!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Surf City

With the heat and humidity these days, the beaches are being well populated.

Eluzion has been having a sale.  This Sky blue outfit doubles for sexy beach wear. Zypressa I see is on sale for $15L  Bikinis are so everywhere, this outfit is so eye catching.  You got it.. flaunt it in this sexy number.  Taxi to Eluzion .  Hair is Leverocci-Min- honey ombre,       Shoes Enkythings BaBa Yaga- Sharya,       Shape is Al vulo BaBa 2,      Skin Belleza - Elle BR sk13  
Eyes - Amacci -Sappphire 17 big..       last but not least, also from Eluzion - the modern sunglasses- Sashka (fatpack $35L)
more pictures on flickr

Fairy Tales can come true

~Tableau Vivant~ & FairyTales in 2012, World of Beauty  it was busy, and there is a lot to see, plan to be there awhile if you want to see everything.
The booth that caught my eye was the purple themed kiosk, (Cinderella) I thought it very cleverly done.  Put together by Harry Hyx the details were fanciful, right down to the little mouse.
The outfit Boho Parisian worn by the model comes complete with the shoes and a wonderful retro bag (not worn in the pictures) PLUS a hat.  Designer Gigi Ponnier (:FMB:) has made this outfit very hard to resist. 
The hair is rigged mesh Mia - blonded ombre (Leverocci)
Shape -Al Vulo, BaBa 2
Skin and eyes - Diamond Avatar Katia Sun Kissed #4
few more pictures on flickr
taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE  FMB outfit is on sale now in the DS 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Humanoid - new- Ally dance cut

HUMANOID - ANIMATIONS // Motioncapture Dance Animations Club,

animation like no other... Humanoid - First life animation, taxi provided above for you to visit the unique store in SL.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

cold cold heart

Artic Orchid is her name - her beauty is her fame
Dressed in Glitterati, her ball gown gloves her curvy frame
Her eyes known to lure the coldest heart
gaze and embrace, showing no shame
For she of snow and ice, has come to fan and excite your flame.

Shape - Al Vulo - baba 2
Skin - Diamond Av. Katia tan #1
Eyes. Amacci fudge #17
Hair- Leverocci - Mia - wheat ombre
Shoes- Enkythings Yuja II purple
Outfit - Glitterati -Sophia Ballroom Amethyst
Necklace - Purple Moon
Shot on location -Arctic Greenhouse - Sculpted Flowers and Plants, Alternate Reality

more pictures on Flickr

By the light of the silvery moon

Silver Dreams- Formal Ballroom-Castle- Romantic Dancing-Jazz-
Pretty in Pink is by designer Tesa Carrasco, this outfit is currently on sale in the DESGINER SHOWCASE  The delicate earrings are from Fulo (Ladonna) and are also part of this round of the Designer Showcase.  As if that isn't exciting enough, the skin from Diamond Avatar, Katia Tan #1 is also part of the showcase.  Don't stand around, taxi over and shop!

Hair - Leverocci - Will - Sandy Pink
Shoes -Enkythings - Yuja II cream       eyes- Amacci - sapphire #21 
                                  fyi. Amacci sapphire eyes, come in 24 shades of blue
There are more pictures on Flckr

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Mistress

She all but ran from the room, her face turned away so that none would see the tears in her eyes.  The sun caught the diamonds that hung from her delicate ears, and danced off the matching necklace that graced her lovely neck.  What good were diamonds, jewels and the chateau if always she would have to be on her own when it mattered most. Romantic Isle of Dreams, Mystical Ball Room and Palace Gardens  Yes he claimed he loved her, yes, he gave her beautiful things, but she knew, he would never leave his wife.  Even she loved his wife, for the Countess was her friend.  How had this happened, how had she allowed their friendship to become intimate. What puzzled her even more, was that she was sure her friend knew, that it was she who was the Count's mistress.

Somehow she had to find a way to get herself away, out of this situation she found herself in.  Without thinking she ran down towards the distant buildings where often she walked and talked with a man she knew simply as Jess.
Crossing the stone path that led to his lands, she began to wonder if this really was the right thing to do.  Looking ahead, she saw him, sitting bowed, his head in his hands.
more pictures on flickr.  
Jewelry - fulo - Juliano earrings and necklace
Outfit - Bubble's Design - Mayleen
Shoes- Enkythings - Khan , black/gold
Hair - Amacci, Viola, vanilla blond -now on sale at DESIGNER SHOWCASE 
Skin & shape - al Vulo - baba 2, coquette, sucre 
eyes- Amacci sappphire 13 big

Blue Moon

Blue Moon, heart  beautiful build, water falls, sculpted trees, blowing leaves, a place to dance with your loved one...when I need some quiet time, a place to recharge, I fly to Blue Moon, Heart. in peace and quiet times,I lay my soul to rest, always when I still my busy mind,serene tranquility is mine. Q
Jewelry is from Elemental, and is on sale now at the DESIGNER SHOWCASE, watercolor bead necklace and earrings are perfect for the hot, muggy summer weather , the design is cool, simple, will wear casual or formal, best of all, the color is refreshing.
Shoes- Enkythings -Yuja II snake blue,  Hair/hat - Pomme d'amour, birds and bees, sunset red        Eyes- Amacci -Sappphire eyes 16 big
Make up - Face Paint - Desire    Skin - Step inSide - Lisha DS medium 2 this too is currently on sale at the Designer Showcase,   Shape - Style by Kira - Serenity
Now what you have all been waiting for... the outfit... this snappy summer casual is  Heartbreaker, from Sassy -also currently on sale in the Designer Showcase -----------------more pictures on flickr

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She woman

Having come home from meeting with a personal trainer, signed up for a series of weight training sessions, I'm feeling chuffed.  Especially after finishing book 4 of John Norman's books on Gorean life, the outfit from Eluzion was perfect for this blog.  The outfit is called Xoana.  It reminded me of an outfit that would be fitting a woman of super powers.  This outfit is now on sale in the DESIGNER SHOWCASE  you get 2 colours the green & a burgundy.
You may wear this dress and feel all sweet and fluffy, but it makes me want to prowl, to throw back my head and strut.  Boots are from Enkythings, his Courtisene line, Allumeuse - olive.
Get to close and who knows what I'll do.  Hair is from Tukinowaguma - Kristan  it has a colour changing feature.  Avatar- Sophy by sYs
Eyes- Style by Kira spring green  - Skin is also by Style by Kira - Willow and is in this round of the Designer Showcase
more pictures of flickr

Monday, June 18, 2012

Solace Grove

Solace Grove - Forest Park Sanctuary and more  beautiful beaches, birds singing, terrace to enjoy and dance on.  What more could one want.  Whether on your own or with your "partner" this is a place to explore and enjoy.  You will see in the pictures that I was totally enthralled with the blue jay.  There was a cute little chickadee there too. They were delightful company.  I couldn't spend enough time there, I absolutely love the place and plan a return visit.  so many great pictures had a hard time deciding... you'll see the rest on flickr.
Shape and Skin - Al Vulo- baba 2, coquette cl. sucre.  Readers I could not resist this skin,  when I put it on I inspected myself from top to bottom. Even the belly button is charming.  The shape came with my purchase, I really like the look, you will see a portrait snap on flickr. ($1000L)
Hair is Amacci - Viola- Henna from the fav pack that is now in the Designer Showcase 
Shoes- Enkythings  BaBa Yago - sesame
Eyes- Style by Kira - Spring Green
The fabulous outfit is from Lordiva, earrings are a bonus offering from the designer. this too is on sale now at DESIGNER SHOWCASE  included in the
Lordiava outfit is a sun hat, not worn for this photo shoot.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Casual beach wear

Colourful tropical wear.. time to chill. Papito land, Belding  This little dress by Graffitiwear - Beachy Sun Dress (95L) includes the pearl necklace and matching summer wedge shoe.  Model is wearing -Hair- Tameless - Janna, coffee, Skin, eyes and  Shape are Style by Kira, (skin is Willow) Note this is not the make up that is in the Designer Showcase at the moment.  But there is a Willow now in the DS for $75L.  One can never have enough Style by Kira skins!
This look is a knock out.The way the make up is on this version of Willow gives the model a dark, mysterious and sensual appeal. (It is Willow 01G)
Check Style by Kira shop on Flawless.. head out of the Designer showcase and wander down the avenue.  Shape is called Julia,you want the modern avatar for the young looks that are so "out there" today.  Julia is the AV for you. (Style by Kira)
This outfit is made for the woman who knows her value and loves attention.
Taxi on down to the Designer Showcase now and pick up your own copy of this sexy summer mini. DESIGNER SHOWCASE

Chocolate - Black

Coming in from different doorways, both women entered the grand salon at the same time. Their magnificence and proud bearing could not be missed.
Both were wearing the very latest designs, one from known design house, Ruxy's, a lovely rich golden chocolate gown with a skirt that billowed out giving the Countess a waist that would be the envy of all who glimpsed her.  Coming towards her was the Count's mistress in a velvet black satin and lace design from Bubbles
Seeing each other, both women stopped, "sleen" spat the countess, "hussy" countered the mistress.  All eyes were frozen on the women.  Then with one move, both were advancing on the other. arms outstretched,  "Cherie" they cried as they embraced, both giggling, their laughter floating over the other guests, the moment was passed.  The Count watching, wondered what they were up to.
Shape -Twily Goddess,       Skin Lisha DS edition, milk,CL Step inSide
Eyes - Emerald #5 big  Amacci          Shoes -Enkythings -Yuja II brown
Hair- Ploom, LOndon Candy, colour changing hud
Jewelry - Elemental - Mayan    more pictures on flickr
Outfit - Ruxy - Chocolate Collection gown -      now @Designer showcase
Outfit - Bubbles Design - Mayleen black gown   "          "              "

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can your outfit make your day?

I say yes.  Dress for success and your day starts out in a positive way. I picked out the latest offering in the Designer Showcase from Java, Angelica Cape dress.  The dress can be worn with or without the cape.  I like the cape, to me it gives the outfit a power house look.  The earrings come with the outfit. They show up a lot more without the cape. Wearing them, guides the eye down to your cleavage.  Pictures were taken at Landscapes Unlimited: 3D Environments to surround sim or skybox,
Shape - Amacci, Lexi.  Eyes- Amacci - Fudge #3  
Hair Amacci - Viola  now in the Designer Showcase (value pack $99)
Why choose the back drop I did, because the Java outfit speaks of strength,
I wanted to stand and shout from the mountain top, I am woman, and I am free. =^_^=  When I arrived, I found another enjoying the view, such is life.
Shoes - Enkythings  Yuja II cream  -taxi to Enkythings
Skin - the lovely Step inSide Lisha Designer Showcase edition tan 1 cl
Step inSide is recent to the DS, if you have not yet tried her skins, this is a good time to do so.  They are lovely and fresh, perfect for your outings during the coming months.      more pictures on flickr.  link upper right
taxi to Designer Showcase

Friday, June 15, 2012


Our model and I took off today to visit Miami Vice - The Revival Disco, it was nice to work with the 80's music in the background.  we pretty much stayed in the Disco.  I saw that Miami Radio is there, as well as a theme park.
Model is wearing Enchant dress- pink from 1 Hundred
Skin is the new skin in the showcase from Diamond Avatar Katia Tan #1
Jewelry - Bonita Jewelry  - visit the Designer Showcase now.
Shoes - Enkythings -Dangsan Zoo
taxi to Enkythings      more pictures on flickr

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Nice... already placed ready for the next round of the Designer Showcase is a lovely deep emerald evening gown by Snowpaw (Lisse Mesh)  the look of this gown is sultry, alluring and "tres chic".  The body of the gown fits like a glove.
There will be no hiding those delicious curves of yours. The designer in her wisdom has fit the gown so that it moves with you, opening to show a long sexy leg when you stand/pose or move.  The sides are cut away revealing the many hours you spent at the gym =^_^=, so that a partner can easily grasp you by the sculpted waist.
Shoes - Enkythings - Dangsan - black
Shape,skin,eyes, Amacci       Hair - Secret.... Elegance - light

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Girls having fun

I woke up with a tune running through my head, we've all had that happen.  The song keeps playing over and over.  In this instance I knew I wanted to share the song and have a bicycle in my blog.   9 million bicycles in Beijing
Next on the agenda was find a bike.  I remembered one at Diesel Works.
My wonderful friend Bonita came over to try it out with me.
Lucky for us, she was wearing the jewelry she will have in the upcoming Designer Showcase. check out the "boss" earrings and bracelets. Bonita Jewelry.  You gotta know I'll be twisting her pretty arm for my own set.
The earrings I'm wearing today are Eluzion -Caslyn
I'm wearing - Amacci - Lexi tall body, Liane fiar blue 09 skin, sapphire 8 eyes
makeupe Amacci lip nutmeg #2    Hair - MONS - archan blonde - pants are
sYs Atlas -sarouel, top FMB (Fashion Monkey Boutique) vintage black T
Shoes -Aleida-Natalie  croco pumps
Bonita is wearing a dress from Sascha Design and of course her wonderful pieces for the next Designer Showcase
We had a good giggle, no one was hurt in the making of this blog.

Monday, June 11, 2012

a visual journey thru jazz

Nat's Jazz Club and Village Shops, Ephesus  double delight.  Teleported over to hear WaltKeys Faith on piano, only to discover that there was an art exhibit happening at the same location.  You will see the wonderful works of Bonafide Aries in my photos, (more on flickr, link to the right)  He has work showing in several galleries, please IM him for more information if you want to see more of his talent.  -picture below is by Indea Vaher another artist showing in the gallery.

Walt is a jazz pianist who kisses the ivories with a light and playful touch that surrounds the listener with a music that resonates and lingers long after he has finished playing.  Bonus, the evening was spent listening to all originals. He plays Nat's on Mondays. (when schedule allows)
Outfit is from sYs cat suit Penumbra        shoes  R2 ala
Skin, eyes,make up, hair (Imana), Amacci

Remember -THERE ARE ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS of shopping this round of
quality items in the Designer Showcase

Equestrian fever

Abysinthe Stables, RothKo  the more I see of these beautiful animals the greater my desire to perhaps ride one.  At one time this  majestic animal was seen everywhere. Now we have to travel into the country to see them, and even then, they are not that many.  Where I was this morning, you can see there is a wonderful variety being bred.
Skin (fall skin, pale), outfit(Hussarde avante garde), shoes/boots -sYs Design 
Hair, eyes - Amacci,  Flogger - Dictatorshop            more pictures on flickr

Reminder -only a few more days for the current round of items at the Designer Showcase - don't delay, get yourself down there today.  Shop in air climate controlled comfort.  DESIGNER SHOWCASE

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wonders of the Grand Canyon

ENCHANTED FOREST, Grand Canyon South  a place so big and vast that it takes the breath away. I have been listening to music today,   music has a way of doing what a landscape can do, it can take you back or forward in time.  I didn't know about this singer till I attended a live concert in SL, now she is a favorite.  Eluzion is also a favourite, a merchant at the Designer Showcase, her clothes and jewelry have a passion to them.  Have you tried any of her wares yet.  if not.. you really should visit the Designer Showcase to see what she has there right now.
Drianna by Eluzion comes complete with the footwear.  Earrings are also by Eluzion - Maki, the hair piece is also Eluzion (Maki mouth pearl)
Hair is Amacci Freda, Pearl Platinum, makeup and skin Amacci - Liane -Fair
Eyes - Amacci- Emerald, more pictures on flickr - link upper right