Friday, May 18, 2012

Wonder woman

Planet of Taris / Furious Star Wars Avatars, The Outer Rim - Career woman by day, housekeeper at home, always a Mother, agh there were times she had to wonder if there was any time just for her.  Her friends called her "wonder woman" they claimed she just  never stopped. Sigh, if only they knew. With one quick glance to make sure everyone was settled in, she flew out the door. Next stop,Taris.  Chuckling she took to the skies and the magic of the night.
Shape- Twily - Purity              Skin- Dekade-Bardot-Vivienne Tan  04 1
Hair - Amacci - Emita- Coffee       Outfit - Eluzion -Lia Gold  c/w footwear
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***  Dekade skin sale on till Sunday  [dekade] female & male skins, Dekade

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