Thursday, May 17, 2012

ultra violet

Photon's Castle - fantasy adventure park, Photon Pinks -  If the dress were any tighter, she'd stop breathing.  It was worth the torture, all eyes were on her.  Her long legs looked even longer with the new shoes she got from Magnifico. They were brilliant, they were modern, yet comfortable, how cool was that! She knew that her hair pulled away from her face showed off her exotic colouring.  "look and drool" she thought and she paraded down the ramp. The outfit she was wearing was cleverly designed to show her every move.  The colour a metallic shade of violet was unlike any other colour in the show.  She had the starring role.  The zipper in the back of the dress shouted,to be pulled down.  Definitely a dress she'd  have to claim at the end of the show.
Shape - Twily -Purity              Skin-Dekade -Garbo-Iman mahagony EB 01 #5
Eyes - Amacci Fudge              Hair - A&A silvio       Shoes -Magnifico -  Chiave
Outfit - Argot - Mini Mademoiselle, ultra violet, on sale now at DESIGNER SHOWCASE       more pictures on flickr
NB Dekade is closing, sale ends on Sunday [dekade] female & male skins, Dekade

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