Monday, May 7, 2012

Time to wander

To wander the Post-apocalyptic Malady Bog, the swamp of The Wastelands., is to open up a room in the recess of your mind.  One that has been closed for a very long time.  Strangely quiet, I thought it would be eerie, but it wasn't.  I actually found that the the stress one gets used to with urban living, the constant traffic, honking, ambulance, sirens, was missing.  I could walk in silence, even the light dancing off the water sent soothing messages to my over active brain.  Every now and then I would see a bird take flight, the place is alive, but in a different way to what we are used to.
Today seems to be about brown. In looking for Glitterati poses, I found Glitterati by Sapphire clothes, skins, the shop has a wall of group gifts, some were very worth while having.Glitterati by Sapphire - main store, Buenos Aries City
Shape/skin/eyes-  Style by Kira             Make up Face Paint-one shot auburn
Hair - Amacci - Minna -coffee                Jewelry -Elemental -Mayan Treasure
few more pictures on flickr
Tired of searching, wandering come to where you know you are always welcome and goodies are laid out for you to peruse Designer Showcase

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